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5 Amazing Ideas to Create a Fancy Kitchen


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When it comes the time to consider remodeling your kitchen, people usually are not quite sure what they want. The only thing they are sure about is that they know they want a new kitchen that will look absolutely nothing like their current one. 

That is precisely why many decide to do a complete 180 and replace literally anything that can be replaced. This, while definitely an option, is not quite something you personally need to do if you are just looking for a way to add some style to your kitchen. There are numerous fun little upgrades you can do here and there that don’t require tons of money or too much time and elaborate remodeling but that still promise to deliver that ultra-stylish vibe.

Change your backsplash

One of the things that can really entirely change up the look of your kitchen is a very simple design element – your backsplash. While this may sound too easy and like it won’t actually make such a big of a difference, it will actually make your kitchen look very different than it used to. So, if you are looking for cheaper ways to add a breath of fresh air in your kitchen, you should definitely start with your backsplash. Here, you can opt for something that just looks different from what you already have, or you can choose to go with a stainless-steel kitchen backdrop and thus add a dose of luxury and sophistication. 

Have fun with cabinets

kitchen cabinets
Next, once you have a new backsplash in place, it is time to decide what you want to do with your cabinets. Something as simple as repainting them and replacing the cabinet hardware can really make a huge difference. But if you want to take everything a step further, you can choose to take down the cabinet doors off of the top cabinets and thus create an open shelf vibe. This is a stylish new way you can entirely change the current look of your kitchen and the best part is that if you ever grow tired of this look, you can simply reattach the doors and change the look of your kitchen once more.

Invest in high-quality items

Furthermore, when redecorating your kitchen, you shouldn’t only be paying attention to the structural elements of the design but all the other elements as well. If you really want to instill the feeling of style and luxury in your kitchen, you should equip it with high-quality, luxurious hardware. For instance, you can easily find companies dealing with restoration hardware where you can easily find a unique statement piece that will bring the style of your kitchen to a completely new level. Be it a unique towel hanger, new cabinet hardware or a simple – yet stylish – doorbell, an item like this will instantly add more style to your space.

Replace your lighting fixtures

kitchen lighting
Next, your lighting fixtures are another thing that can contribute to an entirely new look of your kitchen. By replacing your old chandelier with, for instance, an Edison bulb fixture, you will make your space look more modern and even a bit industrial. On the other hand, modern, sleek lighting fixtures that support LED or fluorescent light bulbs will introduce a modern stylish vibe in the space. Therefore, decide on the feel and the mood you wish to create and choose the fixtures accordingly. Of course, whenever possible, try to focus on the energy-efficient lighting alternatives not only to reduce your overhead but to also help preserve the environment at least a bit.

Rethink your color scheme

Finally, redoing your kitchen colors should be the final step of upgrading your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you are not content with the color scheme you currently have in your home, there are numerous things you can do to change it. One idea is definitely repainting the entire kitchen in a new – maybe even more modern – shade. Alternatively, you could choose to repaint only a single wall and thy create an accent wall in your kitchen. Wallpapers are another fun idea and you can even choose to hang a couple of framed samples of different wallpaper and thus create a gallery wall. As we already said, your options are virtually endless.

When renovating your kitchen, it is important to remember that you really don’t need to be extravagant in order to create a beautiful kitchen that simply exudes style and luxury. In reality, you simply need to determine what you actually want to achieve and with just a bit of creativity and some well-placed pieces, you can turn your old boring kitchen into an ultra-stylish oasis.

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