5 Reasons why Queens (NYC) is worth visiting

furnished rooms for rent
furnished rooms for rent

More and more people that visit Queens are finding that it is a great destination, rich in history, culture and food. It is much more affordable than Manhattan and less crowded. Queens had been named the top destination in 2015 by a well-known travel site and it was even called “the next Brooklyn” by the New York Times.

Reasons to visit Queens

  1. History

Queens is rich in history and you will find plenty of old New York in Queens. Some neighbourhoods still have infrastructure dating back to the 17th century. Queens hosted two of the most well-known World fairs in 1939 and 1964 with some of its remnants still remaining today. You will also find Louis Armstrong’s house which is located in Corona and the Forest Hill garden where President Theodore Roosevelt once gave his speech.

  1. Recreational activities

The best parks in NYC can be found in Queens, one of them being the Flushing Meadows – Corona Park. The Queens Museum and the NY Hall of Science is also situated in the park. Astoria Park is a beautiful place to hang out and features an Olympic size swimming pool which has become very popular in the area.

  1. The food

Queens is best known for their ethnic and traditional communities that have so many dining options to choose from. You will find an array of choices from Mexican, to Thai, to Greek and even Chinese. According to most sites, you will be able to find a new restaurant to eat at, every day for about a year, without losing interest.

  1. Convenience

Queens neighbourhoods like Jackson Heights, and Sunnyside are just a quick train ride from Manhattan. Many people assume that it is not easy to get to the area, but it actually takes around 7 minutes.

  1. The Art

For many years, artists have reused spaces that were isolated and abandoned, and created something picturesque. Socrates Sculpture Park was once a landfill and the museum that is dedicated to Isami Noguchi is in the place he used to reside. Queens also boasts a number of museums.

Accommodation in Queens

If you have been thinking about travelling to Queens but do not know where to stay or how to find affordable rentals, try to find a furnished room in Queens as it is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists and newcomers alike. You will have the chance to stay in the better parts of the state, and experience all the place has to offer, at a fraction of the cost of renting a whole unit on your own. The term co-living is making its way into the housing market, and it groups together a few people in the same house, who basically do not know each other. They share rooms like the kitchen, toilet and living room but each have their own bedroom. These homes are fully furnished and each person living in the home contributes toward the total rental cost. This way, rent is cheaper for everyone. Amenities like free internet, access to gymnasiums and maid services are included in the price.

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