Many people wonder why the recruiter rejected their application and chose someone with similar education, skill set, and experience. Well, it all depends on how you frame your resume.

According to a report by Statista, nearly 205 million of the global population is unemployed. Therefore, if you do not want to end up on the list of the unemployed population, you need to develop modern working skills that can impress the recruiter.

Apart from profile-specific skills, you can add fundamental skills that every recruiter wants to see in a resume. Be it a professional resume for IT or any other industry, these skills can improve your resume’s value in 2022:

Problem-Solving Skills

It is one of the essential skills while working in a company. At any job profile, from an entry-level to an experienced one, you will face many problems that might haunt you alone sometimes.

Hence, you need to be good at finding solutions to every profile-centric problem during your work period. In simple words, you need to focus on finding a problem’s solution rather than just worrying about it.

Communication Skills

Communication is the backbone of every collaborative work. Hence, if you are working in a company, you will need to deal with numerous professionals, including colleagues, team leaders, managers, etc. 

You can not work in a synchronized manner if you are not communicating with your team members and other professionals in the company. This skill will add value to your resume.

Computer Skills

The majority of jobs these days require computer knowledge. From a receptionist to a software developer, you need to deal with computers at different levels.

Hence, your recruiter will expect computer skills based on the applied profile in your resume. Computer skills will make your resume and application technically strong and impressive.

Time-Management Skills

Completing tasks under a given deadline is one of the major qualities of a good employee. Hence, you need to possess effective time management skills and prioritize your tasks for exponential professional growth.


Teamwork is important for every professional in the 21st century. Though you might be working remotely, your company can not grow if you are not coordinating with your team while performing any operation.

Hence, recruiters also consider this skill an important element of a professional resume.

Key Takeaways

Skills play a vital role in emphasizing the effectiveness of a professional resume. The below-given skills can add start to every professional resume regardless of their targeted job profile:

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Time-Management Skills
  • Teamwork

We suggest you add more profile-centric skills to your resume. It will strengthen your resume and impress the recruiter during the resume screening round. To get deep insights into required skills, you can analyze job descriptions before making your resume. Job descriptions will suggest skills and technical keywords that you can add to your resume to parse through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).