5 Smart Tips for Buying Quilt Cover Sets


If you are experiencing a lack of sleep lately or have noticed a change in your sleeping pattern, chances are your quilt cover set requires an urgent replacement. Quilt covers ensure you receive an adequate amount of sleep at night with utmost comfort. Quilt covers that are too big, too itchy, or too hot may ruin your good night sleep and keep you up all night. You need to choose a quilt cover that is comfortable, the right size, and blend with your bedroom aesthetics. An appropriate quilt set will offer you a comforting environment and quickly enhance the visual appearance of your bedroom space.

A wide variety of quilt cover sets in Australia is available in unique designs, sizes, colours, textures, materials, and patterns. Keeping the comfort factors in mind, how can you choose the right quilt cover set for your bedroom? You can easily choose the best quilts in Australia by considering these five smart tips.

  1. Consider Size

When choosing a quilt cover set for your bedroom, always consider the size. The key rule is buying a quilt cover set that is one size bigger than your existing mattress. For instance, if you have a queen mattress, buy a king-size quilt cover. You might also want to consider the visual appeal you wish to offer your bedroom. If you want a quilt cover that shows off a valance and finishes at the top of the mattress, choose a quilt cover that matches the size of your mattress. In addition, you should also consider the size of the quilt with the quilt cover. For instance, a queen size quilt should go well with a queen quilt cover set. Similarly, a king-size quilt will suit a king quilt cover set. Choosing the right quilt size cover will ensure you have warm and comfortable bedding during winters.

  1. Choose The Right Colour

Choosing the right quilt size will determine the comfort factor while choosing the right colour will offer your bedroom space a unique aesthetic appeal. You don’t want to choose an odd quilt cover colour that downgrades your bedroom’s visual appearance. Therefore, choose an appropriate coloured quilt cover that can transform and enhance your bedroom aesthetic. Additionally, consider the bedroom style, colour of the bed frame, and wall to determine the suitable shade of quilt cover. For a brighter and airy appearance, you can opt for a classic white quilt cover. For bold and unique appeal, choose darker shades. For an in-depth view choose block colours. Regardless of the choice, ensure it suits your overall bedroom and bed frame’s aesthetic appeal.

  1. Understand the Texture

When choosing the right quilt cover, always consider the texture first. You don’t want to buy a quilt cover that’s too rough or itchy. Therefore, try to understand the possible texture options available with the quilt cover. Most quilt covers usually have a smooth, silk-like texture that can blend with patterned pillows and textured cushions. If your actual purpose of buying a quilt cover is to boost the visual appeal of your bedding, go for waffle quilts or opt for silk quilt covers in Australia.

  1. Choose The Right Material

Choosing the right material for your quilt can determine the appeal of your bedding – smooth and luxurious or textured and inviting. You can find quilt covers in various materials – from cotton, linen, silk, sateen, poly-blend, synthetic to flannel. Make sure you choose a comfortable, durable, and breathable quilt material.

  1. Check Quality and Thread Count

Always invest in a premium quality quilt cover to gain better longevity and durability. Quality material and texture will ensure utmost comfort and better visual appeal. Also, check the thread count of the quilt because it can determine which quilt is perfect for what weather. For instance, a higher thread count will be best for colder climates as it traps heat. Lower thread count can be the best quilt option for general use.

Consider following these five smart tips while buying a quilt cover set for your bedroom and get some good night sleep!

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