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7 Smart Ways For An Eco-Friendly Business


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Business going green is the hottest trend we have today. If before, all that matters is the revenue and fame your company gets, all changed after many realized just how bad is the condition of the Earth now. By greening your business, you can help save Mother Earth and enjoy the benefits of being eco-friendly.

According to Greenpeace Australia Pacific, most Australians are more eco-conscious now. This only shows that most of your local and national customers would prefer to do their business with eco-friendly companies. But how can you make your business more eco-friendly?

The Three R’s

We’ve grown accustomed of the 3 R’s when it comes to helping save the environment. By reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling old resources, your business can also save money. There will always be parts you can reuse and recycle, with the exemption of biohazards. The great thing about it is you won’t necessarily need to make significant changes and spend a considerable investment to do this.

Skip Bins For Hire

Every business, big or small, will need to dispose of their waste one way or another. The reasons can vary. One could be to rid of large amounts of materials you no longer need or to discard wastes acquired after renovating or moving offices. You can effectively dispose of your trash by obtaining the services of a Skip Hire Perth.

Green Procurement

Now, businesses can adopt environment-friendly practices through green procurement. This term refers to the continuous commitment to creating eco-friendly goods and services from start to finish. From the materials to the primary production up until the maintenance and disposal, all process involved are taken into consideration. You can do this by ensuring all practices and results are as green as possible.

Reduce Water Usage

One good way for your business to go green is by reducing your water usage as much as possible. Not only will you save water during the process, but you also get to save money by doing such practice. To reduce water usage, make sure all taps and faucets undergo proper maintenance. Low-flow toilets and faucets are also another way to save water. Got landscape on your site? Choose drought-tolerant landscaping and a drip sprinkling system.

Solar Panels

For your office, installing Brisbane solar panels may seem costly, but is actually a great investment. Sure, the installation and price of the panels will require a considerable sum of money. However, the real cost will depend on the type of solar panels you want, and the demands of your business. Plus, you get to save energy thanks to the cost-effective energy alternative.

Go Paperless

Switching to a cloud-based system is a big leap from using paper for all your documents. You get to reduce your paper wastes and save money since you no longer need to purchase and maintain equipment that feeds on paper. You and your staffs can access information easier even on their mobile phones.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

The good thing about replacing your old appliances is that most new ones in the market nowadays are energy-efficient. By switching to energy-efficient appliances, you get to conserve energy and save money out of your electric bill. Make sure to find one that has the energy-star label the next time you replace your electronic items.


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