7 Top Educational Games that Help your Kids Learn Something New Everyday

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Today, we are living in a world where everything is highly dependent on information technology. Our entire world is held together by a device as small as a smartphone. Furthermore, covid-19 has shifted daily routine activities to the digital platform as well.

These covid-19 implications have most impacted the children. Having to stay in their homes and not go outdoors to play has been really difficult for them. Moreover, educational systems being shifted to digital platforms have been overwhelming for them.

The new routine of studying from home resulted in children staying glued to smartphones and other devices. It further contributed to unhealthy habits and lethargy in children. It is important to divert your children’s attention from YouTube and Netflix.

It can be done in two ways: introducing at-home fun and educational activities to your children. Secondly, through installing fun and educational games on the devices, they use. Thus, this way, you can balance the usage of smart devices and physical activity.

Thus, in this blog, we will take you through both the physical and digital ways of introducing fun and educational games in your children’s lives to alter their lifestyles. Hopefully, it will help you and your child potentially utilize the time at home.

Fun & Educational Games At Home

Experimenting and playing with your children is usually a lot of fun. It enables you to spend some quality time with your children while helping them learn. Thus, the following is a list of educational activities you can play with your kids and enjoy quality time.

  1. Introduce Your Children To Cooking

Young children love to learn new skills, and cooking excites them up. You can start by helping them learn basic tasks like mixing, pouring, cutting, and chopping. You can play around with your child and cut food in different shapes and sizes.

Thus, this way, your child will end up learning new skills while playing and experimenting with food. However, be extra cautious with kids in the kitchen. Do not allow your youngsters to go too close to the stove.

  1. Teach Them Gardening

Children are always attracted to bright coloured flowers and fresh plants. They will be thrilled to know how the tiny seeds turn into plants and flowers little by little. It would be even more exciting for them to be a part of this process.

Teaching your kids how to plant and take care of them will increase their scientific knowledge about gardening. Furthermore, it will make them ponder more about it. Gardening is a therapeutic process, and spending time with your kids will make it even more soothing for you.

  1. Practice Storytelling & Read Books Together

Children and stories go hand in hand; no child doesn’t love to hear stories. You can develop a tradition of telling stories out loud at tea time every day. It will help improve your child’s creative thinking and storytelling abilities.

Furthermore, reading books together will not only nurture little brains but also help in developing reading habits. Reading out books together will serve to be a great opportunity to spend quality family time.

Reading and storytelling will greatly improve your child’s speaking and reading abilities and increase their vocabulary. Thus, do not miss out on this fun activity to make the most of your family time.

  1. Paint & Draw Together

Painting, drawing, and coloring should be very therapeutic and calming for the human mind and body. Children love to paint and draw. Thus, this fun activity can prove to be their favourite.

You can print the hands of the entire family on paper using paints. It is a very joyful and exciting activity to do together with the family. Moreover, your child will end up learning so much more about colours and paints.

Involve your children in the process of creating a family scrapbook as well. You can paste photographs of every family member and encourage your child to write a few lines about each of them.

Fun & Educational Digital Games

As parents, we realize that it is not always feasible to spend time with your children and be physically there with them 24 hours a day, every day. Thus, in such circumstances, fun and educational games can help you keep your child busy without any fear of them wasting their time not learning something.

Children love to play games, and they will surely enjoy digital games too. It will also help you decrease your children’s watch time and discourage the use of YouTube and Netflix. Thus, the following is a small list of educational games recommendations for your children.

  1. Chess Games

Chess is regarded as one of the most intellectual learning-based games. Thanks to digital media, now we can play chess on our mobile phones and laptops as well. The first thing you may do is introduce your youngster to some simple beginner-level chess.

Playing chess will develop critical thinking skills in your children and encourage them to be smarter. Moreover, chess helps with boosting learning abilities.

  1. Crossword & Other Word Games

Crossword is a fun game to play, and you won’t regret installing it on your child’s smart device. Crosswords and other word games challenge the critical thinking abilities of children.

They also help increase their vocabulary and word bank, which will improve their writing abilities. However, your child might refrain from playing it in the beginning. Choosing the proper difficulty level and motivating them is all that is required.

  1. Pro Cricket Champion

Cricket is no more a game for girls only. We all know how much our kids love playing cricket. Unfortunately, the closure of playing grounds and parks has halted our kid’s daily routine outdoor activities.

In such circumstances, online cricket games come to your rescue. However, not all online cricket games provide you a real cricketing experience which is why it is important to wisely choose a good cricket game for your children.

Pro Cricket Champion provides a unique cricket game experience with challenges ahead. You can easily play it online at unlimited gamez mo.

Final Thoughts

Uncertain closure of schools and constantly staying at home with nothing to do has made our children more sedentary than ever. Your child’s daily routine should be carefully monitored, with the proper physical and digital exercises balance.

Unfortunately, we cannot send our kids outside to play due to the covid-19 social distancing implications. It could be very dangerous for them. The best thing would be to encourage them to keep doing some physical activity at home.

Moreover, you can also use the digital games mentioned above to encourage your children’s healthy use of smartphones and laptops. Breaking out of our sluggish habits will take time, but encourage your children to adopt healthy habits.

Hopefully, the above-shared physical activities and games will help you nurture some new skills in your children. Your favourite game or activity to do with kids? Let us know in the comments. We eagerly await your responses.

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