One of the craziest entities to hit the vape market, nicotine salts have coined a niche of their own after freebase. The reasons aren’t too obscure to scan as they are way less abrasive but still appeal to one and all. 

Despite the popularity of nicotine salts, there are still quite a significant number of vapers who seem to prefer freebase. Thus, for first-timers, it does make sense to know the difference between freebase and salt nic.

This post re-introduces nicotine salts and freebase and offers a comprehensive overview of things to help you choose your preferred vape. 

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Purity, Preference, and Owing it to the JUUL Culture 

The popularity of Nic Salts owe it all to the JUUL culture that seemed to have rocketed right across the American landscape and packed no less than 50% nicotine salts for the e-liquids available. 

At a later phase, the European Markets witnessed the foray of such products owing to even stricter regulations set in place by the Tobacco Products Directive, thus capping the nicotine levels to no more than 20%

Simply put, Nicotine salts and their chemical formula enables it to stay in its most organic state when it is being extracted and directly mixed into e-liquids. Due to this very nature, the body seems to absorb the nicotine salts at a much-balanced rate and impart the distinctive smoothness which renders minimum to almost no harsh effect, unlike freebases. 

On the other hand, freebase nicotine is what one might refer to as the purest form that renders
nicotine vape liquid a strong hit, like nothing else in comparison. Because of its strong composition, the body absorbs way more nicotine at a rapid rate and thus freebase vaping makes way for bigger clouds and is perhaps the best choice for sub-ohming,

Power and Concentration 

Nic Salts are way more mellow in nature, and that is precisely the reason why they are taken in higher concentrations and used seamlessly in devices like vape pens and pods. On the other hand, it is the purity of freebases that renders their low concentrations where high-powered devices are only reserved to be used with freebase juices. 

For anyone who wants to take to vaping on a casual note and feel like taking on several puffs, nic salts should be their most preferred choice. 

Freebase has less nicotine than nic salts, which is why it can help people slowly transition out of nicotine addiction. It also works on most devices and is the ideal juice for sub-ohm vaping.

This type of juice is not for everyone, especially if you’re used to nic salts. It requires more inhaling and can cause some throat irritation if overdone. 

Less nicotine also doesn’t necessarily make it “healthier” than nic salts. No matter which e-liquid you choose to use, vaping can still be harmful to the body. It is recommended to vape in moderation and only when you reach the legal age.

Here’s a quick breakdown of things: 


Main Differences `Nicotine Salts  Freebases
`The Form Organic  Pure
Hit Type Mellow Strong, especially when inhaled 
Absorption rate Smooth Fast
Concentration  High Low
Device Power Required  Low  High



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