A Guide on Tips for Styling Your Flat Cap

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Fashion trends always change. But when it comes to men’s fashion accessories, it’s the hats that keep up the trends. There are many styles of hats coming up in the trends, but they also end if guys don’t find it convenient to use. However, there are still many hats present in the market which are still in the men’s fashion trends, one of those is flat caps. You might picture it as a grandpa golfer cap, but it has now crossed over to today’s street fashion; you can see even boys are wearing it. The classic shape and construction of flat caps in Perth are still popular these days.

Flat caps have their unique shape, where the body of the flat cap is pulled forward over the visor and then snapped to its top edge. They are typically recognised by their triangular profile, and they mostly suit every face type. Today’s flat caps come in a variety of materials from their traditional constructions to synthetic blends, cotton, vegan leather, and linen. These classical Italian style caps are again coming into a trend as wearers realise there are many ways to put on flat caps without making yourself look flat. But first, you have to choose your flat hat correctly.

Determine your flat hat size

Generally, the hatband and the visor are what create the flat hat’s structure and place it to fit comfortably across your forehead, just like a snapback cap or a baseball cap. Hence, you should avoid buying something too large for your head or very small. When you wear such hats, they would look out of place and not stylish. You can measure your head size with a measuring tape just above your ear and around your head. Then buy hats online in Australia according to your measurement.

Choose a flat hat according to the shape of your face

Just like other men’s accessories sunglasses, there are just certain types of flat hats that would look better on certain face shapes. Make sure the flat caps you are buying have the right height and width to complement the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, buy a flat hat with a broader brim. For a heart-shaped face, you can buy stylish hats with shorter brims. But if you have long hair, it would sit right and tight when you wear a head-hugging flat hat shaping your head and hair.

Consider your hairstyle

A hairstyle can make a significant difference when you are buying a cap. Unlike the common belief that most men have short hair, modern men are coming up with many different hairstyles such as long hair, hair tied up in a bun, braided hair, ponytails and many more. Unlike trendy hats such as fedoras, flat caps offer versatility for any hairstyle length. For a fashionable touch, see the collection here of fedora hats. However, make sure you choose the right size of it as mentioned above.

Some trendy styles

  • Wear it with layered outfits

If you are putting on layers of clothes, then think of wearing flat caps as a stylistic part of your outfit. You can just combine your textured flat cap with a scarf and jacket on, then put on your leather bag and shoes. Ready! You are good to walk the streets.

  • Style it with a suit

Do you think only golfers and newsboys suit the flat caps? Well, now you can see some suit-wearing men putting on flat caps. But be sure to style it up with different patterns or colours of suits and add some subtle colours to your cap.

Tricks to wear the flat cap

  • Consider choosing a flat cap with natural materials, so it would give you better insulation and breathability. You can buy cotton, wool, or linen to get that benefit.
  • As you wear it, put the brim to frame around your face and apply gentle pressure and then shape it by making a slight curve. Although you can give your own style to wearing the hat, you should always put the cap in the correct way and not wear it backwards, or it will make you look flat.
  • Maybe you want to wear a flat patterned cap in Perth. So style it with a patterned outfit. But make sure they complement each other.
  • Even though some think that flat hats are not for all seasons, you can wear a linen version of them in summer. Lightweight cotton would be perfect for spring, and wool tweed flat caps would be nice to wear during winter.
  • You can opt for one neutral colour flat hat such as dark grey so it can give you more versatility. If you are considering going with a monochromatic fashion look, then choose such.

Wearing flat caps are now increasing in trend. Now you have some useful tips to get into that trend yourself. Just avoid the obvious mistakes such as not wearing the flat caps backwards, not putting down too low on your face or far back on your head, and you are good to go.

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