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Advantages to using natural turf over seeded lawns in Sydney


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Everybody wants a beautiful garden, and why wouldn’t you? For some people who don’t have the luxury of outdoor space, the idea of coming home from a long and busy day at work to be able to retreat to a beautiful and manicured garden where they can relax in the sun with a cold drink while their children play is amazing. So in a way, it’s a shame that so many people allow one of the key features of the garden to fall into disrepair and that is the lawn. The stretch of grass that is key to the overall aesthetic integrity of your garden is often the first victim of negligence due to its comparatively large size and need for constant trimming, strumming and mowing can really just turn people off of paying it any mind at all. But there are many ways to breathe a bit of fresh air into your garden.

However, you can’t exactly ignore this issue if you at some point want to have a pristine and tidy garden as this is something that is pretty hard to ignorable in the bigger picture of your garden. So a good alternative for those that want to keep that natural feel of real grass but want an easier to manage system then their current seeded lawn could look at having natural turf installed in their garden instead. And we will be walking you through a few of the main advantages of these natural turf lawns, take a look at the following link if you need more information on how to find Sydney based turf suppliers.

Water retention and maintenance

For starters, in general, natural turf lawns require significantly less watering and other general maintenance work to keep them looking great, this is due to most natural turf being laid on a semi-permeable membrane which actually traps falling water to be used again and gives the roots a secure anchor from which to grow. This also has a dual effect of stopping any pesky and potentially harmful weeds from sprouting through the grass itself and spoiling the look that you have inevitably paid a pretty penny to achieve in the first place.

Also due to this extra level of water retention, it also means that not only do you have to apply fertilizer maybe only once a year in some species of grass, in order to keep them properly fed. However, these doses very much depend on the kind of grass that you choose for your turf and of course your supplier’s recommendations. This leads us quite neatly to our next point.

Grass species

There are as many different kinds of grass that you have to choose from as there are trees in the forest, quite literally! Like any other kind of plant, there are species, subspecies, and genus’s which all have their own unique attributes and selling points, now to go over them all in this article would be a little bit of a challenge so the main differences are in maintenance requirements, texture and coarseness of the grass and finally, the color of the grass itself, all of these differences come into play when working out exactly what species you want and ultimately it will boil down to what you are looking for, in terms of low maintenance species, this usually means that the grass is slower growing and with slower-growing grasses comes the annoying task of preparing the ground beneath your solid for seeding. This means removing any existing lawn, raking the ground level, and then scattering seeds across it, which cannot be disturbed by anything for at least a week. And one bout of bad weather will ruin everything and you will have to start from scratch.

Well, turf lawns negate all of this as they already come pretty much pre-grown and ready to lay after you have removed the previous lawn, it really takes the effort out of this stage of the installation as it dissent matter if it remains as the seeds are not in danger of being drowned or washed away at the stage of growth which you will receive the lawn at. In a way, you are getting an instant lawn kid, just as fertilizer when you place an order for turf and you definitely won’t be disappointed with just how easy it is to install even the slowest growing of lawn species in a matter of hours.

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