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hugo and alannah
hugo and alannah

The Latest from Hugo at Helixed

We’ve had a startlingly real series of sold-out live shows here in Australia. Fantastic audiences fired up with post-lockdown enthusiasm have restored  faith in the power of live music – a sight (and sound) to behold! Unforgettable times with the Rowland S Howard ‘Pop Crimes’ shows, the Tom Waits tribute shows and the Doors L.A.Woman shows – fantastic friends and musicians came together heart and soul. The True Spirit and Starbirth return to the stage in July and in the meantime I’m heading out alone to play some ‘unplugged’ solo shows featuring Fatalists songs. The Spirit has a powerful new video from Starbirth – Darkside! Check it out here:

My next album release is currently being prepared for a June release: ‘Dishee’ is a blend of ambient blues and post-punk new-age mayhem, inspired by and perfect for time tripping and astral travel. The CD and LP version drop on Gusstaff Records, the digital release through Helixed/MGM. Next bulletin will contain pre-order info for the limited edition LP….


This month’s release on my Patreon is a new video and single from the Brazil-based project The Moses Complex…  Only available here:

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