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Balgownie Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


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I have always loved this wine and have drank Balgownie Estate Cabernet
Sauvignon since the early vintages.

As I just lived a short drive from this vineyard and love the flavour of Bendigo
wines on a whole.

This vintage will truly be about the 30th I have drank, although I can not
really tell you why I liked the early wines other than I remember them to be
full flavoured and earthy and must have offered some fruit sweetness to
attract me to the wine.

This vintage is rich and deep with good length and well balanced finishing soft
and dry with long lingering tannins that will give this wine a long future and as
always God created Cabernet Sauvignon as the grape variety to go with
Roast Lamb and his wine is no exception.

I know this wine will improve over the next ten years if not more.
WHY I hear you ask, BECAUSE if you kiss enough ass, you may just get to
taste a 30 year old Balgownie Estate Cabernet Sauvignon as I did this week
thanks to a customer who came into the store to get my opinion on the quality
of this wine.

God created Cabernet Sauvignon, but he seems to have blessed Balgownie
Estate with Cabernet Sauvignon with true Bendigo flavours a long life and a
will to live for ever.

Cabernet Sauvignon was first planted at Balgownie Estate by Stuart
Anderson in 1969 i in Maiden Gully near Bendigo with the first release in

PS I purchased a bottle from his stash and paid $100.00 cash and think I may
have just got the wine bargain of the year.


Wine is a passion and a worry for those in the wine game because there is all ways something new and something different and
something better to try every day its just a case of living long enough to taste the elusive prefect glass of wine.

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