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BATMAN visits Lollipops Children’s Playland


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A lazy overcast Sunday in Melbourne was anything but lazy on 15 May 2022 when BATMAN made a much anticipated appearance at the popular Lollipop’s Children’s Playland in Noble Park.

Naturally, the Toorak Times commissioned our head photographer and respected reporter, Lord Murray Schoorman to head down to the south eastern suburb and meet with the infamous BATMAN!

Upon arrival, the first thing he noticed was the centre’s carpark was at capacity with vehicle doors swinging wide open and hundreds of children being unloaded and ushered into the playland. The air was buzzing with excitement and children’s chatter as they all scampered inside rushing to what they believed was going to be the best vantage point to catch a glimpse of the heroic character.

batman visits lollypops children’s playland

BATMAN arrived at around 12noon and took time to meet with each and everyone of the children that were there.

So much excitement surrounded the entire day!

batman visits lollypops children’s playland

Many took up the opportunity to get photos and high fives from BATMAN!

The playland at Noble Park also offers an indoor rock-climbing facility, specifically designed for the little ones.

All their playlands have other similar features including: Multi level Play Frame, Free Merry-Go-Round, Bouncie Castle, Dedicated Toddler Area, Ride On Cars, Dress Up & Play Believe Areas.

All Playlands have a cafe’ & seating for adult comfort.

Mum’s, Dad’s & Grandparents alike, are spoilt for choice at the hot food kiosk!

batman visits lollypops children’s playland
BATMAN also paid a surprise visit to a boy’s 6th birthday party which was being hosted in an exclusive room within the playland. The whole party contingent erupted in spontaneous applause and cheers!

It was not only the young ones that got a buzz from his presence, many parents and other adults also were seen getting photos with him!

This may have included our photographer too!

batman visits lollypops children’s playland

batman visits lollypops children’s playland

Lollipop’s Playland is a franchised children’s indoor playground designed for 1 – 11 year olds, with most of their customers in the 2 – 8 year old range. Lollipop’s Playland originated in NZ in 1993 & came to Australia in the late 90’s.

Their core focus is on Safety, Security, Cleanliness & Fun. They are the only indoor Playland in Australia to use a security wristband system allowing their staff to check that children are leaving with the correct adult, before they exit the staff operated security gates.

Lollypops Playland is located at 6 Elonera Road, Noble Park, North VIC 3174 and open 7 days a week from 09:30am

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