The Oceania region, which is composed of 14 countries, is known for a lot of things: its many tourist spots, its world-renowned festivals and holidays, as well as its bright city lights. Of course, even gamblers can find their place in countries from this region.

Australia and New Zealand are the two nations in the area with the most casinos. The casino business in Australia and New Zealand is a global leader since it is one of the most regulated and carefully governed in the world. You can check the best available gambling options online, such as from sites like The procedures in place to guarantee that operators are of good character and that casinos are conducted with total transparency are extensive and extremely precise, and this has earned Australia and New Zealand a positive worldwide image.

Gambling Laws in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand is mostly legal and allowed. However, gambling activities in the country are highly regulated by the government and are bound by several requirements that make operating gambling activities very expensive for the owner’s side.

For one, all legally-acknowledged gambling activities are expected to give back a portion of their net earnings to the community. As an overview, New Zealand gamblers spent around $NZ 2.034 billion in 2008.

While there are brick-and-mortar gambling establishments in the country, most are state-owned or private businesses that are heavily regulated (still as required under the law). Horse racing is legal in the country (which was only legal on-course in the past), lottery through the New Zealand Lotteries Commission is also allowed, and slot machines—called locally as “pokies”—are also allowed.

To help people who fall into the bad side of gambling, the country also has The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand. This non-profit organization is funded by the country’s health ministry and is also receiving funds from the revenue coming in from the local gambling industry.

How About Online Betting?

Online betting, regardless of channel or platform, is considered illegal in New Zealand. According to Section 9(2)(b) of the Gambling Act 2003, remote gambling—defined as “gambling by a person at a distance by interaction through a communication device”—is prohibited.

This means that any form of gambling that is done through a computer, a radio device, a telephone, a smartphone, or any similar device is not allowed. This means that launching a betting site in New Zealand is not possible because of this law, and even selling lottery tickets via the internet (for example, through social media) is punishable by law.

How Can You Bet Online in New Zealand?

Since online gambling through local providers is considered illegal in New Zealand, the first solution that would come to mind of anyone is to go offshore online gambling, where providers are based in a different country but are accepting pointers internationally or from specific foreign states/countries.

However, with New Zealand, there is a small catch that you need to know as well: it is also illegal for someone to advertise offshore online gambling. Thus, the chances of you seeing a betting site or apps advertising that you can bet on them as they are an offshore company are very unlikely. Thus, this leaves you with the only option of doing your research by finding which online casino and/or bookies can accommodate offshore bettors from NZ.

The Bottom Line

As with a lot of countries where online betting is either highly regulated or outright outlawed, there are still ways to “get around” these restrictions safely, just as long as you know what you are doing. No matter where or how you choose to wager online, always keep in mind to keep your gambling activities on a responsible level.