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‘Screen time’ for kids is an outdated concept, so let’s ditch it and focus on quality instead

Image: Shutterstock It is school holidays in Australia and, in many parts of the country, it’s also raining and bitterly cold. This means many children are stuck indoors and many...

BATMAN visits Lollipops Children’s Playland

  A lazy overcast Sunday in Melbourne was anything but lazy on 15 May 2022 when BATMAN made a...

Overcoming bias in the next generation: 5 unmissable Australian queer picture books

Image: Shutterstock Queer parents and their children rarely see families like theirs in books for early and pre-readers. In 2021,...

Buying picture books as Christmas presents? These stories with diverse characters can help kids develop empathy

Image: Shutterstock Gifting children books can be about more than just giving them something to read. Books are portals...

Are your kids keeping up at school? The new tool that helps teachers better support your child

How a child learns is as individual as the child themselves. Yet with the pressures of large class...