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Proposed new curriculum acknowledges First Nations’ view of British ‘invasion’ and a multicultural Australia

  Picture: Shuttlestock Proposed changes to the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum were released for public consultation late last week. While many of these changes are minor tweaks and refinements,...

After a year of digital learning and virtual teaching, let’s hear it for the joy of real books

 Picture: Shuttlestock We know COVID-19 and its associated changes to our work and learning habits caused a marked increase...

TOYS OnLine (The 2021 Toy Fair)

If you have ever been to a major trade fair, you will be familiar with the ‘push and...

7 Benefits of Daycare for Young Children

In order to be able to live a decent life and provide their families with comfort, in most...

Helicopter parents should step back and watch, study recommends

Sitting back and watching your toddler explore their world is good for parent mental health, a new study...