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Marine Safety SA July 2022 Safety Notification

Safety notification July 2022     Old Murray Bridge Refurbishment Project  Re-direction of navigation channel The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (the Department) is undertaking major refurbishment works on the Old Murray Bridge. As the first...

“The Storm, Nha Trang”

Late in the hot afternoonIt slinks from its LairDeep in the indigo mistof the Annamese mountains. Champing for the...

You Happy, Me Happy, Buddha Happy

A real, down-to–earth, quasi honest South-East Asian market. This is fair dunkum tourist shopping. Here, the huge smiles take...

Excellent choice, Sir

The menu shows 5 items: you must guess which is the only item available? This is more fun...

The Proof of the Pizza is in the Tasting

Travel Editor Tip No.5: Only trust cooks who eat their own food. Vietnam, with its capacious cuisine, isn’t really...