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Staff Pick w/ Marsha Salam – FairFeed’s resident expert reveals her faves

Marsha Salam's FairFeed favourites 🤤 Our very own Smooth Operator is finally the topic of our Staff Picks email! There's no one on earth that knows more about food than Marsha. She's...

6 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Going Vegan

Going vegan is like going through a total change in your life. For starters, you need to change...

10 Surprising Food to Make Your Bones Stronger

Do you know that paying attention to the type of food you consume and knowing the effect of...

CBD Oil and Tincture and the Benefits They Offer

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that you can find in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids...

We looked at the health star rating of 20,000 foods and this is what we found

Image: Shuttlestock As you read this, health officials are busy finalising the government’s review of the health star rating system...