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How to get your kid to eat breakfast before school – and yes, it’s OK to have dinner leftovers or a sandwich

Image: Shutterstock The cereal bowl is sitting there getting mushy and gross. You ask your child to eat for the 20th time, but still they sit there, totally unwilling. Eventually, there...

To pat or not to pat? How to keep interactions between kids and dogs safe

Image: Charlie Ferris with Bi on the left and Coco on the right: Courtesy Kath Quinn With dog attacks...

The Moderna vaccine is now available for 6 to 11 year olds. Here’s what parents need to know

Image: Shutterstock Australian children aged six to 11 years old will be able to get the Moderna COVID vaccine...

Waste Not Want Not – 6 Things You Can Do With Leftover Baby Formula

Many parents find themselves with samples and cans of leftover baby formula. Whether they received it as a...

Go low, go slow: how to rapid antigen test your kid for COVID as school returns

Image: Shutterstock Many parents across Australia will be COVID testing their kids at home using rapid antigen tests (RATs),...