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Raise the Age

The headlines have been hard to miss over the last few weeks:  Children as young as 14 years old being transferred to a maximum security adult prison in WA;  ...

How to choose a legal decision-maker as you get older – 3 things to consider

Image: Shutterstock “It’s my life and I’ll do what I want,” sang Eric Burdon of The Animals to the baby boomer...

The true value of income protection insurance for doctors

Most medical professionals must have certain insurance policies in place to be able to operate their businesses. For...

Could Britain be sued for reopening and putting the world at risk from new COVID variants?

  Picture: GettyImages With most COVID-19 restrictions now lifted in England, the world is watching to see what this so-called “freedom...

Kathleen Folbigg’s children likely died of natural causes, not murder. Here’s the evidence my team found

 Joel Carrett/AAP Image Some 90 prominent scientists, including Nobel laureates and other leading Australian and international researchers, on Thursday...