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Hidden costs, manipulation, forced continuity: report reveals how Australian consumers are being duped online

Image: Shutterstock Australian consumers’ choices on websites and apps are being manipulated through online designs taking advantage of their weaknesses. That’s according to research on consumers’ online experiences and the...

Why is lettuce so expensive? Costs have shot up, and won’t return to where they were

Image: Shutterstock Lettuce prices are skyrocketing. Twitter users are posting photos of iceberg lettuces for A$10 and $11.99, well above the more...

Australia’s biggest carbon emitter buckles before Mike Cannon-Brookes – so what now for AGL’s other shareholders?

Image: Mick Tsikas/AAP Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes has won a major battle against Australia’s biggest energy company, AGL Energy, thwarting...

All new smaller size! Why getting less with shrinkflation is preferable to paying more

Image: Shutterstock Have you noticed your favourite chocolate is a little smaller, there are fewer biscuits in the same-sized package or bags...

Want to buy guilt-free Easter chocolate? Pick from our list of ‘good eggs’ that score best for the environment and child labour

Image: Eva Elija/Pexels What do Beyond Good, Alter Eco, Tony’s Chocolonely and Whittaker’s all have in common? Besides producing delicious chocolate, they are the “good...