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The clean energy revolution isn’t just a techno-fix – it’s about capturing hearts and minds

Image: Shutterstock The Black Summer bushfires devastated parts of the Eurobodalla region in New South Wales. Then earlier this year, the area was hit by floods. As climate change threatens...

The national electricity market is a failed 1990s experiment. It’s time the grid returned to public hands

Image: Dean Lewins/AAP A crisis, as the saying has it, combines danger and opportunity. The dangers of the current electricity...

What’s a grid, anyway? Making sense of the complex beast that is Australia’s electricity network

Image: Shutterstock News about the energy crisis engulfing Australia’s east coast seems inescapable. Terms such as “grid”, the “National...

The battle for AGL heralds a new dawn for Australian electricity

Image: Shutterstock Two events in the past week mark a watershed for Australia’s electricity industry. The first, on Thursday, was Origin...

Wind turbines off the coast could help Australia become an energy superpower, research finds

  Image: Shutterstock Offshore wind farms are an increasingly common sight overseas. But Australia has neglected the technology, despite...