Circumnavigating South Georgia Island

National Geographic e1446084674820
National Geographic e1446084674820

Probe with an eye in the middle of the night (circa 1850, Europe or America) with a flint and … a … ‘blorooom’ you will find a reading light from a wickered lamp fueled by oil.


In the Southern Antarctic Ocean near The Faulkland Islands group there is one named South Georgia Island where once upon a time there thrived oil businesses – supplying the world’s oil lamp burners.

This island has 7 now ‘dormant’ whaling communities.

In the north is Endurance (after the name of the shipwreck) is where Shackleton and Cook both landed earlier. The four paddlers were there on the same day as Cook (January 17 1775) 240 years later.

Enthusiasm Pays off and from the town of Endurance they paddled their kayaks around the island.

The first Antarctic island claimed in the name of any country (Britain).

These four guys John Jacoby, Chris Porter and Andrew Maffett, Jim Bucirde together received an award from the Australian Geographic Society for ‘Adventurer of the Year’.

The only way to this island is by yacht…

They tell their tales of the trip in the interview.

Blain Crellin spoke to the four kayakers who went further than downunder.

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