Black Sorrow’s Claude Carranza

Black Sorrows 4
Black Sorrows 4

Since 1983, The Black Sorrows have continued to feature in the vast landscape that is the Australian music industry. With a legion of fans both here and across the globe, some of their many hits include Hold On To Me, Harley and Rose, Chained To The Wheel, and The Chosen Ones. The ARIA award band are coming to Melbourne next month performing a special one night only show on the 22nd of July at Map 57 in St Kilda. Claude Carranza, who has been a member of the band for the past twenty years, this week spoke with TAGG, about the band, career and aspirations.

Do you have any process that goes into your creative process, are you inspired by anything?

My father once told me he thought the key to creative expression was learning as much as you possibly could about your art and then try and forget everything you had learned and just create. I pretty much did that without the first part.

I’ve been inspired by lots of people Jimi Hendrix, E E Cummings, Debussy, Bach…the list is too long. It’s hard not to be inspired by most genuine creative efforts. I’m very inspired by my wife Alyce Platt who is an incredible singer/songwriter and I will have the pleasure of performing with her and her band The Fish Shop Collective in St Kilda at the MAP57 Wintergarden event on July 16.

What’s it like being a member of The Black Sorrows?

I must be the luckiest musician in the country to have had the opportunity to play with Joe for the last 20 years.

I’m pretty sure I’m the longest continuous member apart from Joe.He is truly unique on the Australian (and world) music scene and still going strong at 69, better than ever in fact we leave on Tuesday for a 2-week run around UK/Germany/Holland. Because he likes to mix things up, I’ve also got to play with the cream of the crop of Australian and international musicians. I believe the current incarnation of The Sorrows (Angus Burchell/Drums, Mark Gray/Bass, John Mcall/Keys) is the best yet…especially when Vika and Linda Bull join us.

30 years is an impressive lineage in the music industry, what is the cornerstone to this longevity?

Joe has an incredibly strong work ethic…I believe he sees his job as turning up every night, getting people on the floor and rocking the house down and he does this without fail…more importantly I think he absolutely loves what he does, and it shows. That’s why people keep coming back. 

Looking ahead, as we move into some pretty unpredictable times, can music help us navigate?

Musical compositions are a bit like scientific discoveries…every couple of years someone comes up with something that’s life changing. I might be listening to the wrong songs. Admittedly the only new stuff I hear is when my 15-year-old daughter is flicking between stations in the car. Which is a bit of a worry because it all seems a bit disposable. I’m sure there are uplifting songs being written, I just haven’t heard many. Having said that we survived Country, Blues, Rock N Roll, Disco, Punk, New Wave, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Acid House….I’m sure the next great musical genre is just around the corner…Every generation has its theme songs.

For more info, or to book you tickets to see The Black Sorrows live at Map 57 click here 

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