Connect Your CD Player to an LCD TV in 5 Easy Steps


Thanks to the rapid development of technology today, we don’t stop to find reasons to connect various media devices to our TVs. Whether we are talking about DVD and Blu-ray players, different gaming consoles, cable boxes or speaker systems and headphones, we are generally making the TV the centre of our entertainment. 

Amongst all of these devices we have just mentioned, there is one which we don’t often connect to our TV but it’s still an option if you want to listen to music using your TV speakers. It’s a CD player. 

If you have a huge collection of CDs it would be really time-consuming to rip all of them and turn the audio recorded there into MP3 files you can later store on your computer or some other audio device. Therefore, the best option would be to connect your CD player to your TV and continue to enjoy your music. Also, if you would like to get a better CD player than the one you currently have you can check this list from James Longman and see what CD players are currently the best ones on the market. 

The following paragraphs will guide you through the necessary steps to connect your CD player to your TV. So, let’s begin.

How to connect a CD player to a TV

  1. Before you connect any devices, it would be best to turn them off completely. Although it’s pretty safe to connect them while they are on, you never know what may happen and you certainly don’t want to damage either your TV or the CD player. 
  2. The next step is to connect the RCA cable to the adequate output or on the CD player. Generally, the RCA cable has three colours: yellow, white and red. To connect audio, you need to use the white and red jack. So, plug these into the white and red output ports on the CD player. 
  3. Now find the appropriate audio inputs on your LCD TV and connect the RCA cable there. Generally, there would be more than one input jack on your LCD TV so make sure you remember which jacks you have connected to the CD player before. It’s red and white.

It is always better to use the unused input ports on your TV. By doing this you won’t have to connect and disconnect the CD player when you want to use it and you can also add another device to your TV to the next available port. 

  1. Now you can turn on both the LCD TV and the CD player. Take your remote and select the input you have used to connect the CD player to the TV. Simply locate the Input button on your remote and scroll down until you find the right input.
  2. Grab one CD from your collection, insert it in the CD player and play it. The sound from the TV speakers will be more than enough for you to enjoy your CD collection for a very long time. 
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