Dental Procedures You Must Consider In Your Thirties

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Paying attention to your teeth is not a task that should be done only when you are a kid or a teenager. Minding your teeth and practicing regular dental hygiene is something that should be done every single day, regardless of your age. However, as we are getting older, we might start noticing different changes in our body, and so in our teeth. We are more often in need to see a dentist, we notice a change in the color of our teeth, and sometimes, we even  realize that we have to bid farewell to a single tooth, especially if we do not pay attention and do not visit the dentist regularly. If you are in your thirties and your teeth are very sacred to you, take a look at some of the dental procedures that you should consider.


Crowns and caps

The most common dental procedure that everyone should have in mind, regardless of age, is getting crowns or caps. This is a procedure during which a cover that fits over the tooth becomes damaged by decay. The new one is prepared by your dentist and inserted into your mouth, making your tooth healthier. There are different materials for making the crown, and you can discuss each one with your dentist. The most natural way is the all-porcelain crown, but sometimes metal ones are used as they are the strongest (this depends on your teeth).


Teeth straightening

dental procedures you must consider in your thirties

Besides getting crowns and caps, getting braces is also a very popular dental procedure, yet it seems that it is mostly teenagers who opt for it. This is an understandable fact as the teenage years are a great period to start working on the look of your teeth. However, if you have crooked teeth and you think that you could have gotten braces a long time ago, do not worry, as it is never too late for this. On the plus side, there is another effective way to straighten your teeth. There is a procedure called Invisalign that is actually a great way to strengthen your teeth without metal in your mouth. Since this has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity in Australia, opting for the effective Invisalign in Sydney is a great idea if you are from Australia or you have a plan to visit it any time soon. However, even if not, this is a treatment that will take over the world in the near future so keep an eye open on this.


Teeth whitening

One huge nuisance once we hit thirty is the fact that our teeth are slowly changing color. This might be due to smoking or drinking plenty of coffee or tea. There are many different ways in which you can whiten your teeth, and while some are considered successful, others are simply a waste of time. However, if you see your dentist and ask him or her what you should do, you will probably get the best possible answer.


Gums checkup and surgery

dental procedures you must consider in your thirties

Sometimes when you experience discomfort in your mouth, it is not because of your teeth, but because of your gums. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is an infection that affects the gums and your jaw bone, and can lead to a plethora of different issues, such as the loss of teeth. The milder form is gingivitis, while the one that is more serious is periodontitis. This is why you should go to your dentist’s and have your gums checked. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and this is not a thing you should play with. Worst case scenario: you will have to book a gum surgery which will solve all your problems.


Oral cancer examination

Last but not least, a dental procedure that you should opt for is an oral cancer examination. Just like with any other part of your body, you should be fully aware that your mouth and the oral cavity are completely healthy. Oral cancer starts in the cells of the mouth or the tongue, and can work its way down to other internal body parts as well. Oral cancer screening is not an invasive procedure, it is actually a routine part of a dental examination and lasts a couple of minutes. 


Taking care of your teeth is not only brushing and flossing. It is much more than that, such as going to the dentist’s more often, and not only when you have an issue, but also for a checkup. Your thirties are a very important period for your teeth, so make sure you do what your teeth deserve.

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