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Digital EP Service: Ninoosh Debut EP ‘TOWN OF TWO HUNDRED’


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Digital EP Service

Ninoosh debut EP Town of Two Hundred
Release Date: June 19th, 2016

“Anya’s breathy vocals on Palms are striking, ethereal and the standout element of the track, as she adds a further sense of moody, almost haunting, atmosphere with her singing – which combines magnificently to the overall lush, reverb heavyinstrumental segments and jazzy percussion.”
Whono’s Music 

“Ninoosh combines samples, synths, voice, and muted brass to build rich and exploratory works. The results can be fun, surprising and connective, just as much as they can be welcomingly cold, angular and disconcerting.” – Maddy Mac – Homebrew on PBS 106.7fm

Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh has crafted her own woozy, experimental and emotive sounds and is set to release her debut EP, Town of Two Hundredthrough Synth Babe Records on June 19, 2016.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Machine Studios with all-round engineering wizard, Paul Lambert and mastered by Dave Cooper, the EP features the musical talents of cellist, Jess Keeffe (Glasfrosch) drummer Patrick Nicholas (Royston Vasie) vocalists, Eddie Fitzpatrick and also Manny Sharrad (Infusion).

Having recently moved from the bustle of Melbourne to the depths of the Swedish countryside, The title Town of Two Hundred pays homage to the tiny town of Sandsjöfors in the Sweden, where she first started tinkering with Ableton Live and making sketches of sounds in 2012.

The EP spans works from her days in the pop-acoustic band, The Eventual Contenders through to her recent experiences of mental health battles and responding to the political climate in Australia.

Ninoosh hopes to return to Australia in the 2016/2017 summer to showcase her new sounds.

SyntbaberecordsTown of Two Hundred available for purchase via
Itunes and stream on Spotify and all the other streaming services worldwide.

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