DIY fashion projects you can try at home


The fashion industry in today’s world has immense value as human beings are attached to clothing than anything else. This is because the clothing industry has had a huge impact on human minds. Today we love shopping and buying new clothes on every occasion. In this, we recommend you check out online dress shopping with KOOKAI which has some great designs. You can also make your own customized clothes with DIY projects and more. Moreover, let us look at some DIY fashion projects you can try at home –

1. Couple hoodies –

For this, we will be needing two hoodies preferably of complementary colors. Then decide the angular line and cut the hoodies in the same line. For better cutting, place one hoodie on top of another and then cut. This will ensure that the cut is nice and clean. Then replace the lower parts of hoodies and stitch them. And you have the hoodie but with the part of your partner’s hoodie. This creates a unique design and designer hoodies can look good. Moreover, you can also gift them as a memory of yours and use them.

2. Distressed denim-

We all love the type of denim celebrities wear with distressed effects. But these company-made distressed jeans can come costly and make a hole in your wallet. Fortunately, we can make the distressed effect with almost any type of denim jeans available. You just need a cutter, your jeans, sandpaper, and scissor. Firstly, make the cuts where you would like your distressed effect to be. Then, sharpen the edges with sandpaper and you will see that the edges will start to differ. Eventually, keep doing it and you will get the distressed effect. You can also use this technique to get the effect on jackets, shorts, or any other dress you like.

3. T-shirt painting –

This is by far one of the most enjoyable sessions you can try. Even the t-shirt you choose to paint can be your old t-shirt or even a plain new one. We recommend you choose a theme prior to painting and start your work accordingly. Also, it can be one of your family Sunday plans to execute. This would be a nice and memorable experience for the entire family. Don’t forget to buy the paints and brushes and T-shirt in advance. Moreover, we recommend you document the whole process and make a video out of it to post on your different social media handles.

4. Bracelets and accessories –

Bracelets and accessories are an amazing way to make something with you’re your hands and gift it to someone. The colors and threads used can be in relation to patterns and knots. There are a lot of ways for making DIY bracelets you can find online. Many times there are also online courses that teach you these things. Accessories are a great way to add on and enhance your outfits overall. Make sure you look at different designs and patterns before selecting one because there are many beautiful bracelet patterns you can choose from. All in all, there are many ways of enhancing your fashion style and sense with accessories that we are sure you would love to wear.  

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