DIY: Increase your vaginal sensitivity and orgasms


The female orgasm is the series of pleasurable physical sensations and feelings which occur as a result of the peak in sexual stimulation. Any discomfort or type of disturbances (rough/aggressive behaviour of the partner making a female feel scared) can cause obstacles in getting a female aroused. Your vagina is covered by several microbes which make up the flora. If your balance is disturbed it could cause reduced sensitivity along with itching, irritation or dryness.

Your vaginal sensitivity is associated with your sexual desires. In order to increase your libido, here are a few DIY you can do.

Warm Massage oil

It can be used to massage down there which increases the sensitivity and warmth and may also increase your desire and overall sexual pleasure. A little burning could be felt therefore you should try it out in a small area before spreading it around.


The decrease in amount of libido produced can lead to vaginal dryness therefore it is necessary to make use of lubricants to avoid it. Water-based or silicone lubes can be used to increase sensitivity and hence cause better orgasms. The silicone lubes are not well absorbed by the skin so it must be wiped off with water and soap.

Lifestyle Changes

Make healthy changes in your lifestyle as it is proved to be one of the primary reasons for dissatisfaction in one’s sexual life. Exercise daily for at least half an hour to get your heart pumping as good blood flow is vital for arousal. The more the blood flows it leads more intense orgasms. Reduce your calories intake and eat more fats. Start including protein and fibre in your diet including eggs, brown rice, beef, fish etc. Do not take any pill or drug to enhance your libido.


Basil is the best food that you can consume for improving circulation, sex drive and fertility. Its scent also has impacts and can make you aroused. Basil oil had also been recommended by Yoni Pleasure Palace to increase vaginal stimulation.

Stress Management

Manage your levels of stress as taking up additional stress can cause your libido to reduce. Boosting your self-esteem is important for increasing libido, so appreciate what you are and be proud of it.

Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate enhances desires and puts you in the mood for lovemaking as it relaxes and intoxicates you. It triggers the good hormones and contains the chemical which helps to reduce anxiety.


Yoga and exercises can be done to loosen up the pelvic muscles to let good blood and energy flow in the pelvic and its surrounding areas. Meditation also helps calm the mind and generate positive thoughts and emotions. You can also reduce Stress and Anxiety with Yoga


One of the major issues for loss of libido is relationship problems therefore if you feel you are not respected or listened to, you should express emotions and communicate with your partner.

Honeymoon tea is a herbal tea that increases sexual desire and improves love life. It is a 100% herbal product and so it does not have any side effects. It will increase your energy and help you intense your lovemaking.

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