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Esoteric-Melbourne Fringe Festival


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Esoteric-Melbourne Fringe Festival
“What if the world was run by angelic light? Love, unconditional love. Non-judgement. Love your fellow man to the truest sense of the word. Imagine that. Living in a world like that. “

There’s just one obstacle, the deep state superpowers. They run the world and fill our minds with the latest Kardashian scandal, Royal weddings, they’ll even break up a boy band if it keeps us distracted from the truth. That’s what Jayden is fighting against.

Previously titled ‘Q’ , Esoteric is a verbatim theatre piece that explores our lives in relation to the current mainstream media narrative through the lens of free thinkers and conspiracy theorists.

NOTE: RRP listed is for a double pass

Shows (Gold & Bronze Membership)
19/09/2019 7.30pm until 20/09/2019 7.30pm | Admin Fee $10.00 | Book Tickets
20/09/2019 7.30pm | Admin Fee $10.00 | Book Tickets

Red Scooter Unique Events Venue
25 William Street
Balaclava, Victoria

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