Everything You Need To Know About Pokémon Trading Card Game

pokemon trading card game e1610185826728
pokemon trading card game e1610185826728

If you are among those people who used to be crazy about the Pokémon shows on the cartoon network and collected the trump cards or other accessories, the Pokémon games will never cease to mesmerize you. Suitable for single-player and multiplayer mode, the new Pokemon Trading Card Game from The Pokémon Company is not an exception either. Released on March 24, 2011, the web browser-based Pokémon Trainer Challenge was developed for Windows on 15th May next year, while the macOS version was released on 5th November. On 30th September 2014, iOS version was released and Android users got the game on 7th April 2016. 

Its digital version named Pokémon TCG Online was co-developed by Dire Wolf Digital LLC (American Studio) and Dire Wolf. For all platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and macOS, this digital collectible card game will take you back to the childhood days of collecting Pokémon merchandise.    

Features of Pokémon Trading Card Game 

If you are familiar with the Pokémon role-playing main series, the tabletop video simulation with role-playing of Pokémon Trading Card Game will seem similar. Using the 60 card decks, each player or players (in multiplayer mode) can challenge the online players and non-player characters for card battles. 

Initially, the game had 3 starting decks and after the release, on 6th April, it lets players purchase cards from Black and White series that features a digitally representing code. 

  • You can create custom avatars for your character.
  • With booster pack code, you can purchase booster packs from an online store to the Black and White –Boundaries Crossed.
  • In case of Black and White Plasma Storm, booster pack code cards can be redeemed directly as the online booster packs for respective sets on Pokémon Trading Card Game.

everything you need to know about pokémon trading card game

There are Three Modes on the Game: 

#1. Trainer Challenge: League cup competitions that you can play to earn rewards in the trainers’ challenges. You have to play three leagues, no doubt in order to boost your game cards are present. Rare Candy, Trainers’ mall and the Ultra Ball is the best of all. 

#2. Versus Mode: Here you will have to compete against other gamers. You will get entry tickets to tournaments or tokens on earning along with Versus Points in Pokémon Trading Card Game that helps to earn prizes added by Versus Ladder. It resets in every 3 weeks when earlier Versus Points are removed and new prizes are introduced. 

It Also Has Three Modes: 

  • Standard Mode: Your deck can use cards legal to current rotation as cards older than a year are removed from the game
  • Theme Mode: Lets you use pre-constructed theme decks
  • Expanded Mode: Use cards from expanded rotation
  • Unlimited Mode: Allows any card, playable only with online friends of Friend Battle and training against NPC

#3. Tournament Mode: This type of games are for the experienced players who are interested in playing tournaments. If you are interested in tournaments then the Pokemon trading card game arranges to provide opportunities to volunteer tournaments. 18 individuals are allowed playing the tournament and earning exciting prizes. Minimal is the booster pack while the maximum is beyond the tokens, cards and boosters. 

Upcoming Pokémon TCG Products 

On 5th February 2021, the V Battle Deck Venusaur vs. Blastoise will be available to the users where you will get two 60-card ready-to-play decks where each deck either includes Venusaur or Blastoise. Also included are eight Trainer cards, two deck boxes, six reference cards, two single-player playmats, code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game, two metallic coins etc. 

With multiple hit points and Erie Beam Ability, the Orbeetle VMAX is also notable when you are playing Pokémon TCG. On 19th March next year, TCG will incorporate the Sword & Shield Battle Styles for a single and rapid strike for defeating opponents. 

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