When looking for new sunglasses, things can get confusing quickly because there are so many options and styles, and items to choose from. Do you need sports or performance sunglasses, prescription glasses, designer or budget, and more? Here are some things to help you choose the best ones possible for your needs.

Do they fit comfortably?

It is vital to find a set that sits correctly on your face and feels comfortable. If you are completely set on a particular frame, whether plastic or metal, it is possible to make some adjustments to help them fit better, but it would be better to have a good-sized frame from the start. For example, plastic frames can be heated to adjust slightly and metal frames can be bent. There was a time when sunglasses that were on the smaller size were more fashionable but now larger glasses are coming back in and they do give you more protection from the sun so it makes sense.

Do they offer UVB and UVA protection?

When buying sunglasses, the whole point is protection from the sun so look for ones that offer UVB and UVA protection and preferably at a higher percent. They should have labels attached that tell you.

Are you going to be active when wearing them?

If you wear them when you are moving around, snowboarding, sailing, rock climbing, and so on, you need to look for sports or active sunglasses. There are advances in technology that make them better, more lightweight, flexible, less likely to fall off, more durable, shatterproof, etc. You might even choose something that offers the option to change out lenses so you can adjust your glasses depending on where and when you use them.

Do you need prescription sunglasses?

Suppose you wear glasses or contact lenses for poor eyesight. In that case, you need to decide whether you are wearing contacts with regular sunglasses, buying clip-on shades for your standard glasses, or you want to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. The handy thing about choosing the latter is that you do not have to keep swapping out the clip-ons or looking for them. You could select photochromic lenses to go from indoors to outside in the sun and they will change with the light to give you some protection but you have to have UV protection applied to them.

What style or design are you looking for?

You can get prescription and non-prescription sunglasses in a wide range of looks, materials, styles, colors and designs. From sporty to futuristic, retro to glamorous and more. Think about what best suits you and the clothing you wear and where you will be wearing them. It might be that you need more than one pair! The materials they are made from come down to durability, preferences, and weight to help guide your decision.

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