There comes a time in life when you have to make a big decision such as leaving your place of birth where you call home and moving to a new county to start your life afresh. But the new beginning is never easy especially for a migrant trying to settle and work in a new country. There comes a number of challenges that one has to face on a daily basis such as the language barrier, finding good accommodation as well as a job. Even for those who are highly trained, they find it difficult to find a job post in their area of expertise. There are those who persist until they finally find a job that requires their profession, while others are forced to change their professional and venture into other fields that have more job opportunities.

One of the major setbacks that most people face is the difference in the recruitment process, working culture and the attitude that people have towards the jobs available in the country. Migrants can be able to get the help they need, if only they had access to clear and reliable information. Furthermore, others lack the awareness of accessing the support system which could be very helpful to them.

There are many career consultants who offer assistance to migrants and new graduates who are in need of getting a job that they are specialized in. Check out this guide to Melbourne, and the careers you may be interested in there.

Your Resume Should Be Easy To Understand.

If you want your resume to be effective, then you need to make sure that it is very easy and clear for the employers to read and understand. Include context and avoid stereotyping when writing your resume. When listing each job post, make sure that you include a short summary of your previous work experiences and the department you worked in. include a few comparisons of popular and top leading brands in Australia. To help you with your job search, the best place to start looking is in companies that are familiar with the places you used to work previously. You can take advantage of the free professional templates offered on Google to help you with your job hunt.

When drafting your applications, it is important that you make sure that there are no spelling, grammar or phrasing errors. Furthermore, use local expressions when writing your resume. Remember, potential employers can tell whether you are fluent in English or not based on the expressions you use and how you write your resume. Therefore, if you are not sure about your grammar, ask a local citizen to go through your resume after writing it.
Consult Recruitment Agent.

Recruitment consultants help migrants and new graduates every day and they can also help you include the write details on your resume. It is very easy for you to ignore or forget to mention a skill they are interested in, yet you possess that certain skill. That is why it is important that you talk to consultants and attend network opportunities to help you improve your job hunting skills. Going out and meeting new people will help you build up more confidence as well as get a chance to learn more about the Australian culture.

Improve Your Interview Skills By Practicing.

The only way you can improve your interview skills is by practicing. There is a lot of written and visual content that you can find on online directories such as YouTube and Google, that can give you an idea of what to expect during an interview. You also need to be aware of the fact that Australians style of questioning is different from that of other cultures. They are less direct, slow and focus more on the body language. If it is a phone interview, they focus more on the words you use and your tone.


Getting into an internship will give you a chance of experiencing what it is like to work in Australia. Besides giving you experience, an internship is done under supervision and the intern has to demonstrate the skills that he or she has acquired.
What defines lawful unpaid work is fair work, which includes, volunteers work, work trials, internships, and work experience. Moreover, vocational placement is also included under the same Fair Work Act 2009. Therefore, unpaid work is considered to be genuine and lawful work experience or a volunteering arrangement. Please do not hesitate to visit, for more details.

Temp Work

Look for temp work by registering with agencies. Sometimes consultants are less concerned with finding a graduate who has a perfect background when looking for someone to work on short term assignments. Such short term projects can end up being long term assignments, especially if you are reliable. This is an easy and great way of starting your own network. Remember, to be more persistent and quick at filling temp assignments. This will cause the agencies to love you and your work and they will be willing to assist you.

Talk To The Locals

Create various networks by engaging in sports and in volunteer work. This will help you make friends easily and fast. After that, you can ask around whether someone has heard of a job opportunity being advertised. This has proved to be a convenient way of getting a job since most employers do not advertise job posts on digital channels and instead, ask for recommendations from the locals. They do this as a way of cutting cost on advertising. Remember, it is dangerous to ask for a job when you are still a stranger to people. Therefore, make friends first before you try this approach.

Engage in quality research. Look for other professionals who are specialized in the same sector as you are and seek their advice on what you should do and where you should start with your search. Only a few people remember to do this. But with quality research, you will be able to face the objection of not having local experience. This also shows great networking and research skills that most locals do not possess.

Write Down All Your Goals.

According to most researchers, you are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down. Many migrants are forced to change their profession when they move to Australia since it becomes difficult to wait for the right job opportunity that one is specialized in. Remember the time and money you have spent to acquire the skills you have. Therefore, do not give up so easily. Write down all your goals, stay positive and work towards achieving them