As with any facet of life, trends come and go, with many fads leaving before they’ve even arrived. In the beer industry, the current flavour of the month Non-alcoholic products. Now, admittedly I was sceptical at whether or not the zero alcohol trend would be beneficial to the beer market as a whole, or just a cash grab.

My main question, and I’m sure it’ll be yours, is why would I drink non-alcoholic beer and not just a soft drink. To that I say, good point, but hear me out. Where products like Carlton Zero capitalise on a burgeoning market with no real flair or care, Heaps Normal have come at it with a noticeable passion. Currently only producing an XPA, and with the release of their Lager imminent, the folks at Heaps Normal only do Non-alcoholic beer.

This fact alone should be an indication of the authenticity from which Heaps Normal approach beer making. The Quiet XPA is not a watered down variant of a classic, it’s new.

It is light on the palette and may leave some of you wanting, but the fresh tropical hit that lingers in the mouth perfectly rounds off a refreshing mouthful. The real beauty of Heaps Normal is that have delivered to beer lovers an excellent alternative for the summer BBQ, or the answer to weeknight beer cravings when you know you have to be up early tomorrow.

Yes, I will admit it isn’t a perfect beer, nor has it reinvented the wheel… but it shows us a glimpse of the potential the non-alcoholic beer market holds.

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