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flea control
flea control

There are many species of flies out there and they all have three things in common: they’re annoying, they’re disgusting, and they can pose serious health hazards. In this video, we’ll go over some general tips and things to look out for so you’ll have a leg up on fly control. When you hear the word fly you’re probably thinking of the common housefly but many different flies are buzzing around such as fruit flies, blowflies, horse flies, or even drain flies.

The tricky thing with fly control is that a lot of different fly types require different control products and techniques. An insecticide you might use for horse flies might not be effective against fruit flies so it’s crucial to know which flies you have. Here are some tips on how to identify one fly over the other and some general steps you can take to put a dent in your fly infestation and for Pest Control. 

It can be hard knowing which fly you have so a good method of identifying them besides noting their appearance is to consider where you’ve been seeing them. Take the fruit fly in the phorid fly. They look similar to the eye colour differentiating the two of them because they’re tiny. You might have a hard time telling which one you have. So take note as to where you’re seeing them. If it is flying around the fruit bowl then it’s likely a fruit fly. Maybe you’ve seen one of these pests buzzing around a potted plant then it’s more likely a phorid fly attracted to moist and decaying material in the potting soil.

Hire pest inspection services to find the hidden pests in your house. Maybe you’ve seen an invasion of flies like something out of a horror movie. Especially in an attic during winter or maybe around a window in spring. These are usually cluster flies and not house flies or if you’ve seen large shiny flies after getting a whiff of something terrible around the property then it could be blowflies. These flies are usually an indication that something dead is close by knowing what to look for to positively identify flies is crucial in getting effective fly control. Hire the best professional affordable Pest Control Services.

Though control methods can vary from fly to fly. The good news is there’s one powerful step that you can take. It will make a significant impact against any fly.

Indoor House Fly Control Made Easy With These 5 Hacks

Sanitation: Sanitation is key to reducing your fly problem. Flies love moisture and mud. They do whatever they can to get it as soon as something smells rotten or rotten. Strong odours from dampness and mud attract eagles from a distance. You need to remove the impurities and food sources. Because it attracts them so that they are signalling the perfect feeding and breeding sites. You can also read our blog on 5 Ways To Prevent Pests At Home.

1· Be sure to regularly take out the trash keep it sealed and do not let it sit and overflow

2· Make sure entry points into your house are sealed. Also, check around window screens, door thresholds and seal off any cracks and crevices

3· Keep bathrooms clean do not let mould and mildew set in

4· Keep kitchens and clear grease from stove tops and sweep or mop frequently

5· Seal fruits or vegetables in airtight containers and dispose of over-ripened fruit

6· If you have pets pickup or spray down dog poop and clean out cat litter every day

7· Reduce moisture around your home and property. Do not overwater plants address and fix poor drainage and fix a leaky pipes

These are some things you can do to control and prevent flies from investing in your home. For total control, you will need Pest Control Services Brisbane, visit our website to help diagnose your fly problem. Also, we offer cockroach pest control services. Hire the best pests control company to get the best results. 


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