How Do You Know If You Have A Spider Problem?


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Spiders are the worst type of creepy crawlies in the history of insects. They are not only hideous and scary they are also very dangerous. They enter your homes uninvited and make it their home. Instead of having to deal with them, you should figure out how to keep them far far away from your home or do you think they have already been living with you?

Most pest control experts suggest to see signs of spider infestation to know if you have a spider problem. There are several signs to figure out if you have a spider problem. Look at these signs closely to prevent your home from the spider gang.

how do you know if you have a spider problem?

Signs That You May Have A Spider Problem

  • Have You Been Coming Across Spider Webs?
    Spider webs are the most common sign that you have spiders in your home. One or two spider webs around your home do not necessarily mean that you have a spider infestation but have you been cleaning the webs and finding other webs formed in the same place the other day? That means, you have active spiders which can be more of them hiding in the inactive places of your house. Look for webs in inactive places like your attic, closed closets, etc.
  • Have You Been Seeing Many Insects?
    Lately, have you been seeing many insects flying in and around your house? These insects are indirectly inviting spiders to live in your home. As insects are nothing but a food source for the spiders. The more insects at your place mean the more spiders at your place. You may have noticed that spiders form their webs near lights, this is because lights attract insects and bugs, which provides the spider with an endless amount of food i.e insects, stocking in their cobwebs. So make sure to prevent your place from these kinds of insects to keep your house safe from spiders.
  • Does Your House Consist Of A Moist Environment?
    Mould and moisture attract spiders. They are habitual to grow and live in a damp environment. That is why make sure to dry off the areas of your house that get wet regularly like washrooms or your lawn. A moist area is a perfect place for spiders to lay their eggs and breed hundreds of smaller versions of themselves. You can also read our blog on Homemade Cleaners To Prevent Spiders.
  • Have You Been Seeing Silken Sacs?
    These weird silken sacs attached to your wall consist of at least a hundred spider eggs. Once they are hatched you will have to deal with hundred baby spiders hidden in the smallest cracks in your house. And imagine when these hundred spiders lay their eggs then what is gonna happen to your place?
  • Have You Been Coming Across A Lot Of Spiders Lately?
    Have you been seeing spiders more than usual? Autumn and spring are the seasons when the spiders either wake up from hibernation or prepare to hibernate. In these seasons if you have been seeing those eight-legged monsters roaming around your then maybe there are many more of them already living at your place.

You can also read our blog on Some Easy Tips to Get Rid of Spiders.

how do you know if you have a spider problem?

Have You Been Noticing All These Signs? Give Us A Call As Soon As Possible

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above but are not sure of the current infestation status, you can contact us to let our professionals inspect your place. We at Pest Control Perth own the best pest control team in the industry. We’ll make sure to get rid of every tiny little spider living at your place. Before the condition worsens, let us swipe off all the spiders living at your place.


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