How Fashion Icons Wear Lingerie As Daywear

classy lingerie
classy lingerie

Gone are the days when a sexy piece of lingerie must be kept hidden under piles of clothes. Wearing this thin piece of clothing is no longer a taboo. You can find some of the most popular fashion influencers and Hollywood celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, and all the women of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” exposing their underwear as part of the wardrobe. It inspires plenty of women to try out the classy lingerie as outerwear fashion.

If you want to look like your favourite celebrities by wearing classy lingerie pieces, here are several styles that you can try to achieve the look.

Bralette With Pantsuits

You can tame down the masculine effect of wearing a pair of pantsuits by wearing a lacey bralette underneath the blazer. You can either wear a comfy non-wired bralette alone and keep the blazer unbuttoned like what Camila Cabello did during the 2019 Paris Fashion Week, or ditch the blazer entirely and follow Ariana Grande’s style during the 2016 American Music Awards.

Lingerie Top Over Shirt

Accentuate a simple plain T-shirt by putting a delicate bralette on top. You may follow Kendall Jenner’s go-to style by wearing a cropped white tee under a full-lace bralette for edgy day wear. You may also upgrade the look of an oversized button-down shirt and make it extra feminine by putting it under a dark-coloured silk bra.

Silk Camis

Who said silk camis should only be confined in the bedroom? Rihanna made it look like trendy streetwear when she stepped out wearing a pink full-length cami under a denim jacket and matched it with a pair of sneakers.

The classy lingerie can also look high fashion, like when Victoria Beckham wore a black number with only a black leather purse as her accessories while watching a tennis match at Wimbledon.


Corsets have always been a part of women’s fashion for centuries. It became widely popular during the Victorian era when European women want to make their waist look smaller.

You can use a delicate lace or silk corset as the main focal point of your wardrobe by wearing it as a top, then matching it with a pair of high-waist trousers for an understated look. You may also choose to match it with sleek minis or pencil skirts for a sexier attire.


Kim Kardashian is often seen wearing bodysuits when stepping out of the house during public engagements or while doing errands. If you think that you got what it takes to show your curves to the world, use bodysuits.

You can turn the bodysuit into casual streetwear by putting on low-rise denim jeans or a pair of joggers. To make it look more sexy and feminine, you can match a lace bodysuit with a leather skirt and a pair of stilettos.

Lingerie with Fishnets

Fishnet hosiery is another sexy undergarment that celebrities love to wear for years. The trend can be traced by towards the end of the 19th century when women started wearing fishnet stockings underneath their gowns. But people started making it more fashionable during the 1970s until Madonna made it an iconic fashion essential during the 1980s.

Nowadays, you may match your favourite bra with a fishnet top for a sexy yet edgy look. You may also don fishnet pants on top of a sexy bodysuit to showcase your toned legs. Exposing your underwear in public is no longer tacky, as long as you know how to wear classy lingerie as chic outerwear. You may find plenty of inspirations from your favourite social media sites to know how to mix and match pieces to make you look fashionable from day to night.

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