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How to Boost Your Confidence & Vibe with the Right Outfit Choices


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The words ‘confidence’ and ‘body positivity’ have now turned into classy buzzwords. The pandemic might have caused all of us to dress down and stay at home while social distancing. Undoubtedly, it didn’t take us long to get comfy in our pajamas and hoodies. However, as the world is slowly re-opening, so are we starting to experiment with different clothing items.

This social distancing and stay-at-home periods were mostly about self-reflection. We bet that each one of us learned something new and unique about ourselves during this period. That said, let us talk about clothes and the clothing items we have for our wardrobes.

It sure is the perfect time to spice up our wardrobes and let our confidence flow as we rock different clothing items and go with this year’s flow.

How do You Define Confidence?

Have you ever wondered how we are fast and quick-to-judge as we categorize people into being confident, sloppy, or other adjectives merely based on the way they look and the way they are dressed? We all float into the same boat. Visual appearances matter, and two things always make you stand out from the crowd, especially as a woman – your smile and your confidence.

Confidence is something that most people try to display. However, not everyone succeeds at attaining that level of confidence. Understandably, clothing items, accessories, and outfits don’t necessarily make one confident. However, the right clothing items and accessories can make you certainly look confident, empowered, and in full-control.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for Formal dresses or choose a funky tie-and-dye top for your next official meeting. We recommend that you go through the below-given list and see how you can boost your sense of dressing and confidence.

Wear Clothes Appropriate to the Situation/ Occasion

You can find suitable clothes for all kinds of occasions. Suppose you have been invited to the prom, you will need to get one of the best prom dresses to suit the occasion. It would be wrong to show up to prom day with your sportswear on.

The same rule applies to your work dresses. The dressing will be absolutely according to the environment and your work requirements. Even if it is your first day at work, you can observe other employees and see how they are following the office decorum.

We don’t implement for you to copy their style. By simply noticing a few key elements, you can incorporate your own style and maintain a fresh, confidence, and smart office attire. You have to think of the dressing game according to the different roles that you take up as you drift through different occasions.

Try Out Vibrant Stuff

Don’t shy away from colours and experimenting with different clothing items, dressing styles, and accessories. If you are currently socially distancing and staying inside the safety of your home, you can make the best use of this time by trying on new stuff and different colours.

If you want to spice up your current wardrobe and add colourful twists by matching and contrasting, we strongly recommend adding colours. This won’t only boost your confidence, but it will also allow your personality to re-polish and pop.

It is always a good idea to get honest reviews and opinions from family and friends. That said, every time you try out a new colour or a new style, take a selfie and send it to your most trusted circle. They will let you know how you look and also create the much-needed hype to make you feel better about your body.

Mind Your Shoes!

Some people pay loads of attention to their face, hair, and outfits. They also spice up their outfits with awesome accessories and bags. However, most of them simply ignore it when it comes to their shoes – which is bad! Do you know that first impressions last longer than you can possibly think, including the impressions of your shoes?

As we stated before, your dresses need to match the occasion. The same goes for your shoes. Your shoes are a fashion statement and make an essential part of your overall look. If you are wearing a casual outfit, the right shoes can make an entire difference to the way you look and the vibe you exude.

You can match different styled shoes for different dresses. For instance, for this summer, we strongly recommend having one pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe as these look chic, trendy, and go nearly with all kinds of outfits. You can rock the pair of white sneakers with a mini skirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and even with a breezy summer dress.

The bottom line is that your shoe choice matters as much as your dressing selection! Make sure to wear the right size and always focus on buying quality over quantity.

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