How to Find Out Who Your Strata Manager Is?


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Whether you are unsatisfied with the strata management services in your building or want any strata questions answered, you are probably unsure of who to contact. Rental agencies might not provide all details, leaving one to wonder about strata manager registries. For comprehensive guidance, check here on strata management.

Unfortunately, whether on a national or state level, it isn’t feasible. But, if they ever considered it, it would be an excellent tool for renters and occupiers. In the meantime, you are left taking matters into your own hands, and the first step in determining your Owners Corporation Manager is speaking with the agency. If it bears no fruit, then your landlord will know who your strata manager is.

So, what do you need the strata manager for and what are their roles?

You may know a thing or two about their responsibilities, but not the entire hierarchy of Strata Management. If you think the strata community manager and the property manager are the same, you may be in for a surprise as they both have unique responsibilities.

Let’s put it this way; the former’s role is to oversee the scheme’s administration and the day-to-day management of the building. On the other hand, the latter acts as the middleman between the owner investor and the tenants.

What responsibilities does a strata manager have?

  • Answer queries from the owners and occupiers.
  • Invoice payments.
  • Comprehend the state legislations to advise the owners’ corporation of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Follow up on repairs and maintenance and give instructions to the contractors.
  • Offer to advise the committees regarding procedures and policies.
  • Prepare comprehensive budgets and appropriate levies to ascertain proper funding of the owners’ corporation.
  • Make arrangements for strata insurance and manage claims.
  • Use their meditation and negotiation skills to resolve disputes, preventing lengthy and costly court battles.

The duties of the property manager

They keep an eye on the properties on behalf of the owner/investors. It encompasses liaising between the owner and tenant, collecting rent and checking the property to ensure it is in good condition. You can also say the property manager has a one-on-one relationship with both the tenant and the owner.

Are both roles necessary?

The strata manager looks out for the common interest of the committee or owners’ corporation members. Sometimes, the interests of the two may clash with the property manager looking out for a single owner’s interest instead of the majority. Thus, the two roles should be separate.

Do you wish to replace the current owner-corporation manager? Also called the strata manager, the following procedures are required:

  1. At your next AGM or committee meeting, come up with a motion to change the owners’ corporation management.
  2. Hold a postal ballot or vote. Remember that you will need the majority votes to move forward.
  3. As per the appointment contract, adhere to the termination process of the old management agreement.


While having a strata manager in the building is a good thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they perform their job right. When looking for body corporate services, look for companies with experience and high-quality, professional, and tailored management approaches.

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