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How to Make Your Carpet New and Stain-Free Again?


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If you do not have a steam cleaner, dragging it home to clean your carpets can be a big hurdle. Also, you have to do the wash, then wait for the carpet to dry. If you do not have time or money for all of that, you can freshen up your carpet by getting the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane service in about an hour with some inexpensive items.

You can make your property stand out by eliminating clutter, making the necessary repairs and cleaning your residence. So, one of the first things that anyone can notice when they enter a house is the condition of the carpet, so it should be a primary focus of their cleanup efforts.

Best carpet cleaning solutions: 8 buys to tackle dirt and stains | Real Homes

There are Some Methods To Clean Carpet In An Effective Way like you can use the chemical from home and just get rid of them with carpet cleaning services.

Methods To Make The Carpet New Again:

  • Refresh With a little Baking Soda

    You can sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for 10 minutes. So, you will need about one box of baking soda per room. Baking soda will absorb odours and will adhere to dirt particles, which will make them easier to remove.

  • Remove The Stains By a Jet With Foam

    Your carpet probably needs a cleaning spot. An easy and inexpensive solution to remove carpet stains is shaving cream. Spray the stain with some shaving cream foam. Then, dry with a clean cloth. So, this solution works on a wide range of types of stains, including grease and provides best carpet cleaning services.

  • Brighten The Colourless Carpet

    Rinse rugs and faded rugs by rubbing them with a rag soaked in salt water and wring it out. You can also immerse carpets and curtains in a saltwater solution, then wash as usual.

  • Get Rid Of Carpet Dents

    To eliminate the dents in your carpet left by the furniture, re-form the fibres with a fork. Simply stick your teeth into the fibres and brush them up. You can also try to leave an ice cube in place, which will cause the fibres to expand.

  • Deep Cleaning Carpet

    To re-clean the carpet, do this trick in a well-ventilated area: mix one cup of ammonia with water. So, rub on your carpet, a damp rag or mop, and let it dry. As ammonia is very powerful, you may want to try this method in advance in an invisible area, such as under a chair. You can also read our blog on 


If there still seems to be no hope for your old rug, consider a professional carpet dry cleaning Brisbane first or, better yet, you can rent a carpet cleaner at a local rental or hardware store. You can remove stains that you never thought would come out and make your carpet look impressive for a lot less than buying new carpets. If you are going on the wet vacuum route, be sure to slide plastic bags over the feet of tables and chairs and secure them with rubber bands. The plastic will prevent the furniture from getting wet. Hire the best carpet cleaning company if you want to get professional cleaning services. 

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