How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation


Cockroaches are hardy insects that can survive in all kinds of conditions and are very resourceful in finding ways into your house and damaging your property. The most effective way to eliminate roaches is not let them enjoy the food and shelter in your place so that they will not dare to come invading your house. Preventing their entry from your house can be successfully carried out with few measures. To know about the preventive measures, below are some ways to prevent those nasty creatures making all sick by their smells and infections. Only the cockroach pest controller knows where cockroaches like to hide and build their home.

how to prevent cockroach infestation

Remove Food Sources

  • Cockroaches can go for one to two weeks without water unless or until there is moisture left in their food. By removing leftover water from buckets and sinks are only one of the ways to ensure that cockroaches don’t come around your house.
  • Keep your surroundings clean by throwing away the extra food which has been left from dinners in the garbage bins. Clean surroundings won’t attract cockroaches as it is said that cockroaches get attracted from garbage more. Read some insights on Effective Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away Forever to protect your food storage and cans from Cockroaches.


  • The droppings left from cockroach contain a pheromone that works as a communicator which conveys a message that it has got a safe place to live in.
  • To prevent this, remove the droppings of cockroaches from accumulating, then remove clutter from your home. It will pertain specifically to items such as packaging, cardboard and stacks of old newspaper, and items that cockroaches like more to damage.

Regular Maintenance

  • Proper caring and maintaining the house will prevent the cockroaches from invading your house. Some popular spots are,
  • Pipes and drains as it is already stated that cockroaches come from those places the most. Regular checking of pipes and drains for possible infestation will make us help in preventing it with necessary precautions.
  • The cracks in the wooden furniture may provide a great spot for hiding for cockroaches. To restrict the cockroaches from entering, just paint the shelves so that the gaps get covered and ban the entry.
  • One more thing in maintenance is to check whether the electrical sockets, skirting board are not becoming the way for the cockroaches. If these are getting any means of entry for the cockroaches then you must seal the entrances. This will completely block the entry for roaches.

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  • The one of the most important things is to clean the surfaces. As we already mentioned, a clean environment of your house will attract less cockroaches
  • You must clean the food kitchen as most of the time cockroaches come from there. The leftover food should be thrown into the dustbin and make sure that the sink of the kitchen is clear. No water must be remaining.

how to prevent cockroach infestation

Reach Out To Professionals For Best Cockroach Infestation

Are you frustrated with cockroaches migrating here and there in your house, experts have a solution for your problems. We are an exceptional pest control company that can fulfill your requirements of getting cockroaches out of your house. We have the best skilled pest controllers, that will also provide you services & tips on how you can reduce the infestation of cockroaches.

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