In today’s ever-changing digital world, uploading your files to the cloud is pretty normal. It enables you to access your files anytime and anywhere, which promotes its convenience to all users. However, it’s still important to be cautious about uploading your documents on the cloud as it may be susceptible to hackers. 

There are a few tips below that can help you protect your information on documents that you may upload to the cloud. Also, it is advisable to take Ethical Hacking training available online to protect your data from hackers.

Encrypt information on files

Encrypting the data on your files before uploading it to the cloud is probably the easiest way to protect yourself from hackers accessing your information. Local encryption adds an extra layer of protection that can keep your files secure even against the service providers as well. 

Data encryption protects others from accessing or viewing the information in your files by changing your data into ciphertext, which is ineligible to the everyday user and only serious hackers would be able to decipher the encrypted files.

how to protect your cloud data from hackers

Set up strong & secure passwords

Creating a password to view sensitive data in important documents is a great way to ensure hackers cannot gain access to your files. A strong password should be 8-12 characters long and should have a mix of uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers. 

A two-step verification password process is also recommended so that if one fails, the other can protect your personal data. Encryption passwords work the same way too so that hackers can’t crack passwords to gain access to your files. 

It’s important that you don’t share your passwords with anyone so that it can continue to keep your information safe. It’s also wise to change your passwords frequently to strengthen your security. 

how to protect your cloud data from hackers

Avoid uploading sensitive information

Make sure you go through your files before uploading them to the cloud to ensure that there is no sensitive or personal information within them. Storing your passwords and personal information on the cloud is dangerous and it’s your responsibility to protect your private information as losing it falls to the organisation that hosts your files on the cloud. 

Uploading sensitive files as a customer is unethical and should be avoided when possible. Information such as passwords, credit card numbers, bank details or personal data are all examples of sensitive files that should never be shared or uploaded to the cloud.

how to protect your cloud data from hackers

Set up additional security measures

At the very least, organise additional security measures to keep your data safe and secure in the cloud. Security measures on your computer such as a current antivirus subscription or program, up to date firewalls, updating to the latest version of Windows or iOS security software and using a virtual private network (VPN) to securely browse the internet and protect your privacy online works together to protect your information in online and in the cloud.

how to protect your cloud data from hackers

Backup your files

Lastly but importantly, keep regular backups of your files in the case of a cyberattack or hacking incident. Today’s digitised world allows you to set up automatic backups so that you can trust your files are uploaded without missing data. 

Losing your files can be frustrating and stressful, especially if you lose in the cloud and if it’s got important information that is essential for your employment or day to day life. Backing up your files ensures that you never have to misplace a document again and that you can access it again even in the event of an unexpected cyberattack, blackout or accidental file deletion.

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