Huge Book Tour Praise for Gothic Thriller The Cabin Sessions


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Sometimes, you feel so excited you want to shout from the rooftops. Today is one of those times. Two stunning reviews of my gothic thriller The Cabin Sessions. Here they are:

The Cabin Sessions by Isobel Blackthorn is a psychological thriller that ensnares you into a web that is dark and scary yet electrifyingly spellbinding.

Set amongst the backdrop of a storm, both literally and mentally, the book revolves around few of the residents of the town of Bruntun. The story unfolds in the local pub ‘The Cabin’  on Christmas Eve, where the whole town has gathered  to pay a musical tribute in memory of  local star Benny Muir. It is told in a unique three person viewpoint of musician Adam Banks; the town’s plumber, Phillip, and his mysterious sister Eva. What starts off as a fun night of Christmas cheer and memory slowly unravels into quite a storm.

As the storm rages behind we realize that each of the characters present is stifled by the stench present in the ‘cabin’ and the stench of their secrets weighing down on themselves. Will their secrets remain secrets or will they unravel and spell doom.

Isobel’s use of auditory and sensory imagery, heighten the desperation, the bitterness and the stench of the lengths the human soul is capable of.

An absolutely thrilling read, it keeps you hooked right till the very end. Beware; you might want to hide under the covers more than once.

So glad I got this ARC it was an absolutely scary and spellbinding read. Hope you liked my fair and honest review. –


Darkly decadent, The Cabin Sessions traps the reader in one place, sinking them deep in the mire that is the town of Burton’s twisted history. The reader learns secrets piecemeal, drowning in the suspense, as Blackthorn rushes them to the explosive conclusion.

At first, I had a hard time getting into Blackthorn’s writing style. It felt really heavy. But — and if you read my review of The Only Good Indians — once I got used to her style, it gripped me tight. So I would definitely recommend you push through the first couple chapters if you find yourself floundering. The tale is absolutely worth the swim. (How many puns? So many puns.)

The Cabin Sessions reminds me of the classic Gothic novels I really love, like The Mysterium. I felt like I was drowning in Blackthorn’s delicious prose, in the almost living setting of Burton, and sinking deep into the dark secrets of those who live there. It’s subtle, it’s brutal, it’s unforgiving.

No one can be trusted, no one can be depended on, and the end left me gasping.

Absolutely brilliant. –


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