“I hate Mother’s Day”, I heard someone say …

“I hate Mother’s Day”, I heard someone say …

Mother’s Day is different for everyone. Whether you are a mother or a child your relationship with your own mother is a personal connection like no other.

I know if your child or mother has died then Mother’s Day brings out the emotions and can trigger so many different feelings including: “I hate Mother’s Day”.

Mother’s Day has definitely changed for me since my mum died. But I have actually changed my perspective and can now say: “I love Mother’s Day”. I love it as a mother and I love it as a daughter.

Yes, my own mother is dead so there are no longer physical hugs or physical contact. However, she is ever present with me now. I can go anywhere with her on Mother’s Day because everywhere I go I hold a special place for her in my heart.

Just like any other day, I know on Mother’s Day there will be happy and sad feelings which come and go. I will allow them without resistance and embrace them throughout my day.

Now I say: “I give myself permission to feel without judgement”, and that means I no longer have to fear Mother’s Day or any other day. I can embrace the moment knowing my mum is with me every step of the way.
Jude xoxoxo

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