Important Facts About Organic Pest Control


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When we think of pest control, the first things that come to mind are insecticides and pesticides. As their names indicate, they are made from chemicals that can harm humans and the environment. The pest control company does the job, they generally eradicate the pests that inhabit our homes and there is also a guarantee that they will not return; But what is the extent of the harmful effects that they could have released? We are being asked to go green, help save the ozone layer and prevent global warming; Wouldn’t it be better to consider the many benefits of using organic pest control to get rid of insects in our homes?

important facts about organic pest control

Organic Gardening Pest Control

Organic and affordable pest control can also deal with unwanted pests that we have in our homes, gardens, or structures. Using organic pest control can be ideal for someone who wants to maintain a pest-free garden without the chemical that could harm the health of everyone who lives in the area.

Here are some organic pest controls that you might consider using for beautiful garden management:

Insecticidal soap is different from detergent soap because it is made from organic plant oil and potassium salt. Instantly kills insects found on plants.

The organic spray is a blend of vegetable oils with a bouquet of flower fragrance. This is a green pest control that targets the insects that eat your plants.

Another highly effective botanical insecticide that is made up of d-Limonene. This comes directly from orange peel and other citrus fruits. This is useful for highly sensitive pest management situations.

Homemade Organic Pest Control

When you are still wary of buying organic Pest Control Service in Adelaide, you can make your own based on some of the things found inside your home. These are some of the homemade organic pest control products you can make yourself that are relatively safe.

To repel mosquitoes and flies, you can create a garlic pesticide spray. You should combine 4 ounces of garlic with 2 tablespoons of mineral oil in a spray bottle. Let it rest for 24 hours and then add 1 tablespoon of fish emulsion in half a litre of water. Mix the two solutions together.

Combine lemon or orange peel with a handful of lavender or mint leaves. Put them in a spray bottle with water. The water should cover both the lemon peel and the leaves. You can use the spray as a natural mosquito repellent.

To get rid of aphids you can use tomato leaf spray. Chop the tomato leaves and mix them with two cups of water. Let it sit overnight. To make the spray, strain the leaves from the liquid with cheesecloth. Add another cup of water to the spray bottle. The alkaloids in tomato leaves are toxic to aphids but safe for humans. Read some insights on How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation.

You can use eucalyptus spray to confuse insects. Put 12 ml of eucalyptus oil and a few drops of detergent in a litre of water and then spray on your plant.

Since you now know this simple organic pest control, your gardening can improve and you can have beautiful results because now you know how to get rid of pests with natural pest control measures that can destroy your garden. You can check another related blog titled Do You Know These Interesting Things About Pests?

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