Is Selling Your Old Car More Cost-Efficient Than Fixing It?

selling your old car
selling your old car

We are already in this modern age wherein everything is fast-paced. Cars, houses, and livelihood improve rapidly day by day through technology. This could be a dilemma for sentimental people.

The first car you bought with your first salary, the first car you got after marriage, and the memories go on and on. You want to hold onto the memories that come together with your wheels but, ask yourself, “if I sell my car, will I save more?” Well, this article is here to give you the reasons why selling your car is more cost-efficient than letting it stay in your garage.

1. Fixing It Would Be More Expensive

For extremely old cars that haven’t been used and maintained regularly for years or even decades, most likely they already have huge defects and problems. Fixing these problems may even be more expensive than buying a new car.

2. Hard to Find Spare Parts

Some cars were launched but discontinued in some places, just like the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It is a Jeep-like retro design car that is optimised for your off-road adventures. Sales and manufacturing of its parts in some areas were discontinued in 2014. However, Japan was the last one to stop producing its parts. That’s why, when you want to buy FJ Cruiser parts, you’re inclined to buy imports which will cost more.

3. Non-Stop Issues

There are cars that seem like they won’t ever recover, or they won’t be fixed. Instead of stressing yourself out from going back to car repair services, consider selling it and get a new one. At least with your new car, you’ll know that you won’t face the same dilemma every day.

4. Restoration Failed

We all know that car restorations are the dream of all car enthusiasts. There are many shows wherein they transform an old, extremely rugged car into an almost new-looking car. But honestly, it’s hard to make this dream come true, especially when you lack the resources needed. This hobby requires a lot of time, money and skills. So, let’s be realistic here and be wise before you fully destroy a still money worth car.

5. Not Even the Experts Can Help

When none of your trusted car repair services can make it work anymore, everyone has their own trusted repair service centre that has been there constantly every time your car broke down. But what if they can’t make the magic work anymore? And you’re too scared to bring your car somewhere else because other car service centres might do you dirty for you to pay more, right?

Who Would Buy an Extremely Defective Car?

Well, you never know! You can contact car-buying services to do a quotation for you. Ask them, “how much will I get if I sell my car?” their quotation and inspection services are free most of the time. It is also helpful to ask their opinion first as they could get you a buyer immediately.


Selling your old car is not just for the sake of having a new car, but to also assure your safety as a driver and for your passengers as well. Road accidents caused by car malfunctions are very common. So, prioritise your safety by investing in a better car.

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