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Kotlin Gaining Momentum in the Market, Java still Holding Fame in the Android Application Development Industry


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Kotlin is gradually becoming the apple of all the Android app developers’ eyes. A myriad of changes has been appreciated in the mobile industry since Kotlin stepped into the Android world. In case, you are new to the term Kotlin, check out this blog to get a comprehensive insight about Kotlin android application development.


Introduced in 2011 by IntelliJ IDE provider JetBrains, the first officially stable release was rolled out in Feb 2016. However, the language earned fame when Google announced it as an official Android app development in I/O 2017. The language, with its 100% interoperability with Java and ability to compile down into JavaScript,  started receiving considerable importance in the market when the developers put forward the idea to replace Java with Kotlin for Android mobile development.


Impressed? Want to hear more?  Keeping all the announcements and predictions aside, here are some of the pointers to keep the Kotlin enthusiast excited:


According to a mobile app development tool and platform provider, Realm the adoption of Kotlin has exponentially grown from 0 percent to 4.28 percent in the Q4 2017, while Java dropped from 50.66 to 46.23 percent in the same time span.


The software research firm Redmonk also unveiled that Kotlin jumped from 65th position to 46th and now at 27th position among the Redmonk’s list of Top 100 languages – making it the fastest-growing programming language for mobile application development besides Swift. Likewise, TIOBE’s June 2018 list of Top 100 most popular programming languages also addressed Kotlin at the 49th position on the basis of the search engine result analysis.


Another research based on the Google search for Tutorials of the programming languages showed that Kotlin is at the 16th ranking on the list in the time span between June 2017 and June 2018. With this, the Kotlin has gained market share by 0.93 percentage while Java still has 22.45 percent.


As per a survey of 2,744 Android app developers, 60 percent agreed to be using Kotlin instead of Java for work and personal projects. Surprised? If so, then look into this list of 14 Famous Apps that Migrated from Java to Kotlin, and find out why they preferred Kotlin.


All such numbers prove that Kotlin is growing. However, is it really that enough to replace Java? Sadly, not yet.


According to the Gartner Research VP, Mark Driver, the Kotlin is gaining quite enough popularity in the market. However, there are only a few Kotlin developers to sustain the hype generated. Whereas, a major part of the Android application development world is still working with Java.


Besides, the performance of a Kotlin app is not much better than a Java-based app. Though the Kotlin offers better coding experience due to lesser mistakes and line codes, the new Android app development language takes lesser or more time to execute a build. For example, a clean Kotlin might take more time than a clean Java build, whereas an incremental Kotlin is built faster than that of Java. This difference in builds execution is also not considerable enough to prompt Kotlin adoption.


With these numbers, it is quite clear that Kotlin is flourishing. However, the drift is still not substantial enough to take away the legacy of Android application development from Java.

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