LA SIRENE IMPERIAL PRALINE Belgian stout Brewed at Alphington, VIC $29.00 8% AVA


OK its Winter! And its time for red wine, well No not really; its also time for dark beers, stout, porters and the new breed of full flavoured craft beers that are in the beer fridges at the few remaining independent liquor stores in Melbourne these days, real craft beers and not the CUB so called craft beers that the larger liquor chains carry.

This week my new love affair is LA SIRENE IMPERIAL PRALINE.

And its a dark beer with the sexiest perfume in the beer world, just close your eyes and imagine crushing fresh roasted coffee beans in a mortar and pestle then throw in a hand full of rich dark chocolate a few malted hazelnuts and you have the most wonderful perfume ever in a glass of dark beer capped off with a rich dark brown foaming head. The nose of the beer translates like a charging bull on to the palate filling the mouth with fresh crushed coffee beans, dark chocolate and a little nuttiness then the vanilla bean creeps in along side malt and more crushed coffee bean and a good slug of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, giving it a smooth round finish that coats the back palate with a dark malty creaminess that hangs on for ever.

PS. Be warned once you start drinking dark beer you will be converted forever!


“Personally I love winter” I had this with a simple but full flavoured steak & kidney stew on a bed of creamy mash potato. Some times a home cooked meal on a rainy night and some quality beers can be the best way to end or start the week.

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