I’ve just emerged from a sold-out preview performance of HIR by Taylor Mac, and the foyer is buzzing. Ever since I first read this script, I’ve had the feeling that it is a play we’ve long been waiting for. The fact that our five-week season is already selling out suggests I might not be the only one who thinks so!

Taylor Mac’s play is at once vicious and tender. It’s familiar, and yet revelatory. And it presents a challenge. A hopeful challenge.

We’re delighted to welcome Daniel Clarke in his Red Stitch directorial debut, bringing together a wonderful cast and creative team. It marks Belinda McClory’s highly-anticipated return to Red Stitch, following her Green Room Award nominated performance in Splendour in 2016, and we’re delighted to finally welcome Ben Grant in his first performance in our big little theatre. From the immediate ‘family,’ we’ve really missed Jordan Fraser-Trumble (Love, Love Love, Middletown, Jurassica, You Got Older), and are very excited to have him back onstage alongside our new graduate actor Harvey Zielinski in his company debut.

Join them for an outrageous, provocative, and very funny “trip to the new”…

See you at the theatre,

Latest Enews: Hir Opening This Week L Pre-show Parlour Begins L Rehearsal Space Help

Ella Caldwell
Artistic Director

by Taylor Mac


Director Daniel Clarke

Set & Costume Design Adrienne Chisholm

Lighting Design Richard Vabre

Sound Design Ian Moorhead

Assistant Director Thomas Quirk

Dialect Coach Jean Goodwin

Stage Managers Jackie Mates & Stephanie Young

Assistant Stage Manager Sophie Capern



 Urgently seeking Rehearsal Space

We need your help! We are currently seeking a full-time rehearsal space for our 2018 productions. We require a space large enough to mark up our stage dimensions (approximately 6m x 6m), available during business hours Monday to Saturday and secure, as we will be leaving our props there during the rehearsal period.

Latest Enews: Hir Opening This Week L Pre-show Parlour Begins L Rehearsal Space Help

It would be a gigantic support to us to find a rehearsal venue gratis or in kind.  We’re only a (big) little theatre, so any help we can receive makes a huge difference.

If you have or know of a venue that might be suitable, please get in contact with our general manager, Fiona to discuss further details. Thank you so much for your help!



Book your Pre-show Parlour tickets

Pre-show parlour kicks off at 7pm tonight! The breathtaking Mama Alto is our first artist in residence at Red Stitch, programmed to compliment our 2018 season.

Book your HIR tickets on Feb 2, 3 (sold out), 15 or 16 and enjoy an intimate set of pre-show music and beauty from Mama Alto included in your ticket price.

Latest Enews: Hir Opening This Week L Pre-show Parlour Begins L Rehearsal Space Help

That’s several brilliant artists for the price of one ticket.
Our parlour summer gift to you!

Book now.

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