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Light up your imagination all winter long


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Be inspired by bright ideas, big thinkers and boundary-breaking artists in our winter season. Our full program of events, exhibitions and experiences celebrates our collections, our writers, our scientists, makers and creators. 


RISING & Back to Back Theatre

Single Channel Video 

Image shows Single Channel Video performance project

Explore weird and wonderful treasures in a video performance presented as part of RISING with the award-winning Back to Back Theatre, showcasing everyday people and the objects and oddities that mean something to them. 

RISING: Single Channel Video 
From Thu 9 Jun, 10.30am
Create Quarter

Bright smiles for the whole family

For entertainment and education, the Library has kids and families covered. 

Image shows Wylah: the Koorie Warrior

Gandel Storytelling Workshops

Sat 4 Jun, 2 Jul &
6 Aug, 10.30am
Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter

Image shows a family at State Library Victoria

Kids Takeover 

Tue 5 Jul, from 10am 
State Library Victoria 
Free and paid events

Image shows a group of children at Musical Stories looking at a brass instrument

Musical Stories: Little Puggle’s Song

Thu 7, Fri 8 & Sat 9 Jul 
Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter

Scientific wonders: real and imagined

Delve into artificial intelligence and experience creative poetry inspired by sci-fi. 

Text reads: 'Spark: Augmentation'

Spark: Augmentation

Wed 22 June, 7pm 
Conversation Quarter

Image shows headshot of Alicia Sometimes

Sci-Fi Poetry Slam 

Wed 27 Jul, 7pm
Isabella Fraser Room


Enjoy a big cosy day of knitting, crocheting and yarn-based activities. 

Image shows a group of people knitting

Artist talk with Sarah Spencer

Sat 30 Jul, 11.30am & 1.30pm 
The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall

Image shows headshot of Kate Just

Knitting Session with Kate Just 

Sat 30 Jul, from 12 noon 
The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall

Women luminaries

Be inspired by women in art and science – from history to today. 

Image shows an open book by Mary Astell, A serious proposal to the ladies, for the advancement of their true and greatest interest: in two parts/by a lover of her sex, 1697.

Hidden Philosophies: 
Women’s Publishing in 18th-century Britain

Thu 28 Jul, 6.30pm
Village Roadshow Theatrette

Image shows contemporary bobbin lace artist and maker-in-residence Lindy de Wijn working on an artwork at her desk

Maker-in-Residence Workshop with Lindy de Wijn

Fri 5 Aug, 6pm &
Sat 6 Aug, 10am
Conversation Quarter
Tickets $35

Image shows Antonio Frisi, Elogio storico di Da. Maria Gaetana Agnesi Milanese dell' Accademia dell' instituto delle scienze, e lettrice onoraria di matematiche nella Università di Bologna, Milan, 1799, Rare Books Collection, acquired through the Women Writers Fund.

Window on Collections: Women in Science at the Library

Tue 16 Aug, 7pm
Isabella Fraser Room

National Family History Month 

Dig into your family roots and discover how the Library can help you go further.  

Image shows the Newspapers and Family History Reading Room at State Library Victoria

Newspapers & Family History Reading Room Tour

From Tue 2 Aug, 2pm
Hansen Hall

Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, North Melbourne

Welfare Records for Family History

Thu 11 Aug, 10am

Family group on a verandah, c 1912; photo by Mark James Daniel

Finding Families 

Thu 16 Jun, 14 Jul & 4 Aug, 10am

Ready for an illuminating winter?

Plan ahead before you visit

The Library is open daily from 10am to 6pm. Visit our website for more information on how to make the most of your visit. 


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