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MEMO Music Hall announces regular Sunday Sessions


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Memo Music Hall Announces Regular Sunday Sessions
Memo Music Hall Announces Regular Sunday Sessions

MEMO Music Hall’s Sunday Sessions – A new regular Sunday gig for music lovers –

Chris Wilson with sons Fenn and George this Sunday!

Sunday arvo in Acland Street St Kilda has always been special. Winter or Summer promenading down Acland St, enjoying coffee and cake or a cheeky wine, has been a must for tourists and locals alike for years. And now there is a new regular Sunday Session to enjoy in St Kilda’s hidden jewel, MEMO Music Hall, at the rear of the St Kilda RSL.


MEMO’s Sunday Sessions began in January this year as a more informal and intimate gig. With cheaper ticket prices than other MEMO shows and being on at 3pm they are perfect for an after lunch or pre-dinner music experience.


Chris Wilson, Lisa Miller, Shane Nicholson and Madder Lake have featured at the Sunday Sessions, each offering a very different musical treat.


Future Sunday Sessions include Chris Wilson on 25 March performing with sons Fenn and George; Dan Sultan on 22 April; the Dusty Millers’ Mother’s Day Show on 13 May and Wingspan on 23 May. Stay tuned for more Sunday Session act announcements in 2018.


Doors Open at 2pm, shows start at 3pm and you find out more about MEMO’s Sunday Sessions at www.meomomusichall.com.au


MEMO Music Hall, 88 Acland Street St Kilda



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